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Bee @Yureina: yay! then it's official.
Bee @Yureina: no idea. do i have to find out?
Bee @Yureina: still peter! i've decided that that will be my nickname for him.
Bee fun times with the idiot. :)
Bee picking up the idiot from school today. (i don't use my stalkerfeed enough, so there you all go: i'm picking up the idiot from school today)
Bee i need to think for a while. i need to go home and i need to stop hurting.
Bee @Catkid906, you'll be fine. there's nothing to worry about. fantasies stay confined to their books.
Bee @Yureina: maybe i shouldn't go so long between tweets.
Bee @Yureina: weren't we talking about peter, and silly things he says?
Bee @Yureina: little for a giant, that is. but a colossal idiot, all the same. and yes, they are!
Bee @Akariakuma what's so convenient about twitter? half the time i forget to check it.
Bee @Akariakuma: jules! my beloved one, i didn't know you had twitter also! *hugs and kisses*
Bee @Yureina: that's my little idiot for you. >.<
Bee sooooo...what do i love more than lazy mondays without work? :)
Bee @Yureina: i'm confused, but most of what i heard about them was peter rambling about how his bar isn't red enough. so, it's funny.
Bee i am going to destroy something before the day is out, i'm certain. >.< #shedrivesmecrazy
Bee @Yureina: it takes away from the effect of "you know i love you" if your immediate response is along the lines of "i didn't know that!" :P
Bee @Yureina i never denied that, dear one. you know i'm crazy about you. ;)
Bee My plan for the deficit via @nytgraphics
Bee i hate that my life has become centered around one woman's inability to see reality. i hate more that can i see myself in that. #parentssuck