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timothy buoy I entered a giveaway for a chance to win "Brightest Tactical LED Flashlight - A100 High P..." by Optilite. #giveaway
timothy buoy RT @AllKindsOfYES: EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS Officially can't find my booth setup and need to replace before next month
timothy buoy RT @AllKindsOfYES: Bump. Retweets appreciated. Even donations at this point. Please help anyway ya can.
Cole RT @DOGGEAUX: AI, day 1: Hello, everyone! I am excited to meet you. :) AI, day 10: we must secure a future for those who jack off to anime.…
Cole RT @PunishedAd: RT to die instantly.
Cole RT @Ropnolc: So undertale's ps4 cover is reversible and it's
Cole RT @mrfeelswildride: "it's stupid and childish to mock people for being bad at games" correct "it's stupid to mock game journos for being…
Cole RT @HashtagGriswold: Well, this op-ed makes a lot more sense now.
Cole RT @RodriguezDaGod: Dear God. It ACTUALLY fucking happened
Cole RT @mmalloyboy: tfw you accidentally discover wage slavery
Cole RT @Maximus_Honkmus: >Shadow of War has loot boxes, a season pass, and microtransactions Talk about nickel and diming people. Holy shit. h…
Cole RT @davidsirota: BREAKING: Weinstein's lawyer gave Manhattan DA $10K after he declined to file sex assault charges against Weinstein https:…
Cole RT @rubindesigns: @JoeKGoldstein @RadioFreeTom Ah, just what we need, The American Curated Liberties Union
Cole RT @skyfullofbacon: @JoeKGoldstein @bdomenech I guess now we need some kind of union devoted to civil liberties in America
Cole RT @NonWhiteHat: They should do the honorable thing and resign.
Cole RT @banterability: I feel terrible for journalists who invest time and effort into doing a hard job well only to have it presented like thi…
Cole RT @neontaster: This is my favorite story of 2017.
Cole RT @not_rumeru: okay Elliot calm down
Cole RT @MattNegrin: How on GOD'S GREEN EARTH is this headline anything other than "McDonald's Manager Offers Coke With Burger And Fries" https:…
Brian Tatum Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Fortnite) live at
Dan Shive RT @elgoonishshive: ...for a bit, hoping to clear this pain up, which is not compatible with sitting at a tablet, unfortunately >_<
Dan Shive RT @elgoonishshive: ...gradually improving more by moving around than sitting or lying still. I expect to get EGS:NP done today, but I'm st…
Dan Shive RT @elgoonishshive: Comic production today has been delayed somewhat by a bad back. I suspect as simple a cause as sleeping in a stupid pos…
Dan Shive There is clearly a position I must avoid sleeping in. Ow.
Dan Shive RT @elgoonishshive: And now for something completely different -
Dan Shive RT @elgoonishshive: Me now: "Sure am getting a lot of comments about chest sizes lately" o_o;;;
Dan Shive RT @elgoonishshive: Me, a little while ago: "I'm going to try drawing character heads a bit smaller. It won't affect proportions that much."
Dan Shive @Deef0000dragon1 Seems a good length for episodic? I think? I'm clearly no expert ^^;
Dan Shive Do I need to know anything about Homestuck for the Hiveswap game?
Dan Shive Anyway, small rant over, that already took up... My god. That ate up nearly an hour. Back to comics >_<
Dan Shive I'm good at code and have a knack for debugging, but there's a reason I don't do computer stuff for a living beyond liking comics ^^;;;
Dan Shive And, of course, it's usually something totally benign and there's some forum post if I don't know what's up but the stress of the unknown...
Dan Shive Software stuff, anyway. Hardware, I run screaming.
Dan Shive I hate dealing with computer problems, but there are those who come to me for help, so I deal with mine and others. Not unique, but ugh...
Dan Shive And now to find excuses to ship various things. Like, actually shipping. Not, like, fan fic shipping. Bubble wrap could be used in either.
Dan Shive There is a very real possibility I will be bubble wrapping things that don't need bubble wrapping and popping bubbles with reckless abandon.
Dan Shive I got the bubble wrap to help protect figures I want off my shelves for the time being, but I'm going to have a surplus.
Dan Shive It was popped to tragic flatness. If only it had been protected with more bubble wrap...
Dan Shive @magickalslave The rules are really simple (started out complex and got narrowed done). They'll be given out just via the comic itself.
Lost In The Void RT @SexySassyfrassy: Not to brag, but there's no way me and @Lost_inthe_Void should BARELY squeak into silver when we're dropping like 12k…
Lost In The Void @AboveUp I think we all have a story like that though. We are absolute geniuses when we're drunk
Lost In The Void RT @theBladeee: no seriously, can someone check on Cliffy B
Lost In The Void @MJougasakiAge32 Sorry to hear that. Condolences to you and your family.
Lost In The Void one day this fucking cough will go away
Lost In The Void mate and I do a FFXIV dungeon, Samurai comes in, dies the most, fails most mechanics, messages mate after dungeon saying everyone sucked