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Jennifer Anderson I must have something subconsciously against French presses. I've broke two in a span of two months and I have to buy another one now.
Jennifer Anderson I like this band a lot and it's pretty folky at times.
Jennifer Anderson Having just tried to walk without a crutch or knee scooter was a success. A slow and limpy one, but I'll take it
Jennifer Anderson So, walking. Something that I never thought I would be so happy to kinda sorta do again.
Evil Smurf RT @hostile_goose: i have an opinion
Evil Smurf RT @hostile_goose: @__nataliii__ someone gave me tap water and now i have an opinion
Evil Smurf “Do me a solid” means shit on my chest, right?
Jennifer Anderson @miracleofsound Tell me about it. I know people back home that pull that shit and, while they're good people, I hav…
Jennifer Anderson Made some hydrophones. Gonna see what they sound like in a bit once the glue dries and settles.
Jennifer Anderson @miracleofsound Having since moved out of the US, yeah. It's been screamingly apparent to me and I just worry that they don't care.
Evil Smurf @Hannah_Mayh3m If I can’t always be cuddling a fur baby, what’s the point?
Evil Smurf The French had the right idea about aristocracy
Jennifer Anderson Three solder burns later, I made some stuff. Gonna gingerly grab a beer and call it a day.
Jennifer Anderson Gonna make some hydrophones today, so let the soldering begin.
Jennifer Anderson Played the demo of Last Epoch, and, yeah, it has some optimizing issues. But I can see where they are going with th…
Jennifer Anderson So, the Twins lost and Juventus lost, but Arsenal won. I shouldn't be all that surprised about the Twins, but fuck'…
Jennifer Anderson Holy shit balls, Dozier. #MNTwins
Evil Smurf RT @sallymcmanus: Differences between the Bank RC and the Union RC. #BankingRC: - half the time - less $ allocated - no phone taps - no ded…
DeimosMasque RT @HamillHimself: In all fairness-I know your thoughts & prayers are also w/ 3rd rate NYT reporters- Crooked H flunkies-spelling Haberman…
Jennifer Anderson Fun fact: Cutting fresh onions with only having one good leg makes hobbling away while crying for the joys of sight…
Jennifer Anderson Day three of re-learning how to walk: chicken leg ain't happy but it can deal.
Jennifer Anderson I don't really care for death metal in general, but damn is Dethklok bangin'.
Jennifer Anderson I'm constantly amazed at people's ability to function before coffee. I mean, I've had to re-write this sentence and…
Jennifer Anderson Oh damn, God of War comes out tomorrow. I almost forgot about that. It looks so good with beardy Kratos.
Jennifer Anderson Walking again is really weird now.
Jennifer Anderson I'm allowed to walk again! Huzzah! 50% weight on it for now, but still!
DeimosMasque RT @sateenmusic: Cis women and trans women are both real women. ❤️
Evil Smurf RT @pollwatcher9: Debt DOUBLED since LNP took over. DOUBLED. MSM cared so much about ALP debt & deficit now don’t mention it #auspol https…
Evil Smurf Thank fuck Barbara Bush is dead.
Evil Smurf RT @JennyENicholson: With the channel awesome boycott idk where i'm gonna get my youtube videos of men yelling that they hate movies and th…
Evil Smurf I’m blocking you
DeimosMasque RT @HamillHimself: Only YOU can make this happen.
Evil Smurf @NVIDIAGeForce when are setting up servers in Australia?
DeimosMasque @alice_malice Great idea lets do it
DeimosMasque @alice_malice Same here. Replace the blue milk with tons of booze
Evil Smurf RT @NedRyersonBing: @mc_lens One of them got a bit salty...
Evil Smurf RT @NedRyersonBing: @mc_lens I was at my desk at home a few years ago and looked out the window to see these guys about 8 feet away. They’r…
DeimosMasque RT @choppingwoodpod: April 8th, 1990 - 28 years ago the #TwinPeaks pilot premiered in the U.S. on ABC. The most original & mysterious 96 mi…
DeimosMasque @alice_malice I love you so much. We'll get through this together
Neonbob Yep. All that emotional bracing and I still wasn't ready for Tennant to go.
Neonbob I'm nearing the end of David Tennant's run in Doctor Who...I'm not ready for him to stop yet.
DeimosMasque RT @PamelaHorton13: Effective immediately, I am announcing my formal campaign to be THE Bayonetta for the release of Bayonetta 3. Hey, @N…