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tlozoot @MatPaget Watched a ton of matches from previous tournaments, and I've had a blast with them. Looking forward to Evo matches :)
tlozoot @EddieInzauto Trueee. Haven't played the Artorias yet.
tlozoot @EddieInzauto Spent a few hours with it. Didn't dig the retro RPG combat, but it had some good jokes.
tlozoot Oh no, I bought Dark Souls: Prepare To Die on PC
tlozoot I'm streaming some Sonic Generations with @ADayAtTheZoo with some drinks. Come join us!
tlozoot Was that the quickest gaming U-Turn ever?
tlozoot RT @Bulbagarden: Very pleased to hear @NintendoAmerica have reversed their decision on the Smash Bros. Melee tournament stream for EVO. The…
tlozoot RT @Totalbiscuit: Nintendo reverses their position, Smash Bros is back on at EVO - with stream and all
tlozoot @bill_at_zeboyd They've *just* told EVO that the Smash Bros. stream can go ahead. :)
tlozoot Actually, they've just reversed this decision. THANKS NINTENDO! As thanks I'll really, truly look into picking up a Wii U.
tlozoot Nintendo, your games and your company ethics so often make me want to *adore* you, but shit like this is why I never can.
tlozoot RT @Totalbiscuit: What must it be like to be a fan of a game where its creators outright hate you
tlozoot RT @Totalbiscuit: Nintendo you are goddamn idiots -
tlozoot @Pedronn6q1 Not even gonna click. Take it web-bot!
tlozoot So happy to own a shirt with a fucking GLOW IN THE DARK CHANDELURE ON IT. Come at me Nightclubs.
tlozoot Huh, just unceremoniously stumbled past tweet 2,000. Let's hear it for arbitrary milestones!
tlozoot @EddieInzauto No way, THEY have to change to accommodate us :( Inverted fo' life.
tlozoot @MatPaget Brief research (gamefaqs forums) suggests that PS3 Injustice is region locked online. Wow, seriously?
tlozoot Injustice will not allow @MatPaget and I to fight one another. This is not cool.