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Justin Clouse When you want your garden to grow metal \m/.
Justin Clouse @JonBolds Flesh to Stone. Magic Jar. Polymorph. Animate Dead. Insect Plague.
Alexander Macris @AmoraBunny I bet you're right that this was the concept.
Alexander Macris History is a Möbius strip. If think it has a "wrong side" you just haven't looked far enough ahead or behind. #RightSideofHistory
Alexander Macris It's not a swastika. But it would be if Donald Trump used it!
Alexander Macris RT @antipcnyuprof: Just wanted to add that it's NYU Milo refers to as a "zero," not me.
Alexander Macris That's impossible! He said history was over.
Alexander Macris RT @sean_spicier: To be honest, we knew all along the Russian lawyer didn't have dirt on Hillary. The fact that he was still breathing was…
Alexander Macris RT @sean_spicier: NK's missile range includes pretty much the entire west coast. That would be awful, but it would assure our re-election.…
Alexander Macris RT @RealJamesWoods: Quite simply the best headline in history... #DouchebagDeblasio
Alexander Macris Who is currently winning the #culturewar?
Alexander Macris RT @CasualFennec: Germany: 1938: Hang the right black and red flag in ur window & youre safe 2017: Hang the right black and red flag in ur…
Alexander Macris RT @DegenRolf: Low IQ in childhood largely prevented creative achievements in middle-age, but high IQ did little to foster them. https://t…
Alexander Macris When Ayn Rand warned of the "looters and moochers" of collectivism, this was what she foresaw. #ItsHappening
Alexander Macris RT @gogreen18: lolwut? according to vogue, females are now "non-prostate owners"
Alexander Macris @antipcnyuprof @SRCHicks Sounds great! Amazon link please so I can buy it.
Alexander Macris RT @JonHaidt: An interesting analysis of what the social sciences could be, a narrative guiding our culture, from @safeortrue…
Alexander Macris RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: Obviously peaceful protestors!!!
Alexander Macris @CassandraRules So are the glossary entries. Hilarious.
Alexander Macris Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, & stress? Try my new Mind-Body Unawareness Course - You'll never feel down (or anything) ever again.
Alexander Macris It's interesting that a lot of people who hate me for personal reasons seem also to hate everyone who shares my politics. Almost as if...nah
Alexander Macris RT @julierehmeyer: Amazing to see an article in a British publication. Thanks, @TheBristolCable. Things are changing!…
Justin Clouse A nice employee dumped some hamburger buns in the grass nearby to get them out of the drive thru.
Justin Clouse RT @miracleofsound: [Travels back to 80s, meets kid self] 'In 2017 a Transformers movie will come out & you won't bother seeing it' Kid Sel…
Justin Clouse While waiting for table yesterday a small boy loudly announced that I had a beard and no hair, much to his mother's chagrin. It was cute.
Justin Clouse RT @owillis: "I am Snowflake, of the Mountain Dog Tribe. I come here, to the flatlands, to warn you of the Great Sorrow, three days ride fr…
Justin Clouse @kathtopia The sushi place from last night.
Justin Clouse RT @LeonHurley: Just found this. Star Trek Bridge Crew was loads of fun (played seriously or otherwise).
Justin Clouse Both punished for trying something new and a missed opportunity to revisit a favorite place you already know is good.
Justin Clouse There's something uniquely disappointing about having a bad experience when trying a new restaurant.
Justin Clouse Night Me: I can stay up a little later and finish watching this. Morning Me: Sleep is a sweet precious gift and I've squandered it.
Justin Clouse RT @RedStorm: See space and the U.S.S. Aegis like never before in our 360° trailer! #StarTrekVR #TuesdayMotivation
Justin Clouse It will be better after reducing down a bit and coming together in the fridge, but I couldn't wait to dive in.
Justin Clouse Dog-sit over the weekend for this monster good boy, photos honestly do no justice for how big he was, and good girl.
Justin Clouse Me waiting for my chili to finish cooking in the slow cooker. Ready your breakfast and eat hearty... for tonight, w…
Justin Clouse RT @JonBolds: Here it is, the most DotA 2 image of all time.
Justin Clouse RT @kathtopia: @Slycne You need to be more ambitious with unrealistic goals of how many games you can try to play.
Justin Clouse @Vyolynce Study mentions early merging is fine when the system isn't overloaded, but late merging handles congestio…
Justin Clouse Strangely fascinating how our driving social etiquette is actually making traffic congestion worse when merging.
Joshua Vanderwall @VZWSupport Chat took care of me. Chat support's stellar. Your phone support is literally the worst I've ever exper…
Joshua Vanderwall It is absolutely shocking just how shitty @VZWSupport is. Me: "Please don't renew my account." Them: "We can't do that." Fuck you.
Joshua Vanderwall While we're here, a key for 2 Loot Chests, where "?" is the number of letters in my name. ?GHJ-VBTV-DDHV4-NQ8T-WPSG get loot!
Joshua Vanderwall RT @YahtzeeCroshaw: This week's ZP is a little digest of remasters from this month; a remaster-bation if you will.
Joshua Vanderwall Blizz sent me a Loot Box for #HeroesLaunch, but wanted me to cheat it open. I did no such thing. KABLAMO! (In hinds…
Joshua Vanderwall @stillgray hahahaha one year, almost to the day.
Joshua Vanderwall @Martertweet me, too. Me, too. haha
Joshua Vanderwall @Martertweet "more or less" is a single modifier, rather than two with distributive property. Meaning "mostly", whi…