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Mike Coulter @LittleRaeJay Pinch the skin between your thumb and forefinger to cure a headache.
Mike Coulter @CHRISDJMOYLES Steak, always steak. Whop out some oven chips, grilled tomato and peas and you're done!
Mike Coulter @Cpt_Oblivious I note his warning and I match it with louder music xD
Mike Coulter Why has my dad got the chain-saw out?
Mike Coulter Finally watching "It's a Trap!". Not too shabby.
Mike Coulter Watching Star Wars with my grandparents. Awesome.
Mike Coulter It's so nice having my phone back.
Mike Coulter @megapenguinx Mine has always told me :S
Mike Coulter Yay, Aircraft Materials and Hardware assignment! Should really have been finished by now. Soon, my sweet, soon...
Mike Coulter @Jon4Lakers I really think that I would have to try each out. At the moment the 3DS appears to have a terribly short battery life...
Mike Coulter @Sleaty_ And Quaver crumb proof...
Mike Coulter @Sleaty_ Haha, true. Andy, lets make a new phone.
Mike Coulter @Sleaty_ Yeah, it's amazing. Also, it's amazing how we have £400-500 phones that die within a year. Woo!
Mike Coulter Wishes his phone wouldn't attempt to melt itself...
Mike Coulter On top of the Garth! Cold!
Mike Coulter Michael and Jamies day if pretentious fun!
Mike Coulter Almost finished my milling, I can't see this job going too quickly though.
Mike Coulter My guitar amp has successfully heated the upstairs of my house to "Too frickin hott" ºC. Well done.
Mike Coulter Terminator. TENSE FILM.