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Wakai Akari Ousami @STEPP1N_RAZOR Midnight? Two days? To hell with you! I have to wait until Friday :[
Wakai Akari Ousami @JackandCalumon Hopefully the cinema I'm going to will have tickets left. Can't get them preordered :/
Wakai Akari Ousami @SexySassyfrassy Oh and I can't because I've not been there in... shit, at least a month or more now. I can't break that record! :P
Wakai Akari Ousami @SexySassyfrassy The escapist is fucking up again (go figure) and it showed up as having 147 pages and I just thought "Fuck you" XD
Wakai Akari Ousami @martertwit I'm an enigma, really. A simple perception of your mind you will into existence. Or some existential shit like that :P
Wakai Akari Ousami @SexySassyfrassy Yeah well.... yeah, I do I'm sorry XD
Wakai Akari Ousami @SexySassyfrassy @Juular You seem to forget I went through 12 -_- xD
Wakai Akari Ousami @Lost_inthe_Void @Yureina Yes, puns indeed. Shitty puns but still puns :P
Wakai Akari Ousami @Yureina So I see. Or not see.... or nazi. Something >.>
Wakai Akari Ousami @Yureina I've heard nothing of this sort. I suspect you are telling a lie...
Wakai Akari Ousami So I've been... gone for quite some time. What've I missed? Anything special?
Wakai Akari Ousami @Juular Is Jared Leto even relevant? >.<
Wakai Akari Ousami @martertwit But it's so damn good! Plus, I'm curious to know what you'd think of it. :P
Wakai Akari Ousami @martertwit Hey, Matt! You seen Prometheus yet?
Wakai Akari Ousami @Yureina @martertwit I'd say Prometheus is worth a watch... or 3 which is how many times I've seen it >.> :3
Wakai Akari Ousami @martertwit Was that directed at me or @Yureina because asking me if I watch movies.... for shame. XD
Wakai Akari Ousami @martertwit Ah, well then it might be worth a watch at least. :D
Zeithri For the first time in like 3 weeks, I slept untroubled~
Zeithri Taking active steps to move on. Friend removeal might be permanent, but that's a later question. For now, focus about now~
Zeithri What should I do.. Endure it.. Or remove it and move on.. I could probably never have the same level of trust towards that person..
Zeithri Cried myself to sleep. Was comforted by Chris though which made it easier to fall asleep. Yesterday figured out how to refurniture my room.
Zeithri I miss your voice...
Zeithri @StarWrecker "Take my Orange"
Zeithri @StarWrecker "Let the force flow through you"~
Zeithri Now that I've toyed around a bit with Raptr, one things is certain; I like it and I am going to use it a lot.
Zeithri OMFGZOMG I TOTALLY MUST HAF RAPTR LOLZ!.. What is wrong with me really? ~registers...~
Zeithri My chest just feels so empty...
Zeithri Today, I simply don't want to do anything. Except possible play some more Final Fantasy Legacy but other than that! Snuggle in bed covers <3
Zeithri Today's lowpoint; Realizing that I somehow gained +3.8kg since last time I checked so I'm back at 98.. For f~sake..
Zeithri - I find this song to be strangely amusing..
Zeithri My physical pain was eased somewhat thanks to Tempest_Fennac's Reiki healing. Thanks again :)
Zeithri Yesterday, life decided to fuck around as much as possible. Making me trip on ice and giving me a mighty blow. But I still move forward.
Zeithri Every fucking little thing that can go wrong have gone wrong today I am so fucking angry or annoyed at everything right now. FUCK YOU WORLD!
Zeithri Wasn't a very good idea to eat those two Pan Pizzas... Am I comfort eating? Feeling nauseous and sad now~
Zeithri - I really like this song. It always seem to fit into my life no matter what.
Zeithri That was much interesting to listen to. I'll defintely need to listen to it a lot more :3