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LockHeart RT @ManyFoolsUK: The Great Dictator's on a Boat (The Ship): via @YouTube
LockHeart RT @ManyFoolsUK: Charity Stream Highlights: via @YouTube
LockHeart @GreenManGaming Hey guys, any update on the Dragon Age: Inquisition/25% off issue from earlier?
LockHeart RT @C0rvid: @TheRealHardByte and @Lock_H are just over halfway through their 24 hours. Please show some love for #SickKids at…
LockHeart RT @C0rvid: Plz join @Lock_H and @TheRealHardByte for their 24hr games marathon for #sickkids with @ExtraLife4Kids at
LockHeart RT @SeaNanners: I feel truly humbled by the reception to #JETPAK today. Thank you all for the kind words and support. Let’s do this thang! …
LockHeart RT @MargaretKrohn: Donate. SAVE KIDS! Get rewards! @ExtraLife4Kids in collaboration w/ @Wizards_DnD! RT please! ht…
LockHeart @Kiarasaurrrr Very true. The bright side of solo cooking :D
LockHeart @Kiarasaurrrr And then you cry because you're eating alone. Again. Or is that just me?
LockHeart @RorT92 in the immortal words of Mr R. Hornby Esq.: 'EAT SHIT!'
LockHeart @littlehux This is true! I'll need to look at my rota, everything's so hectic :O
LockHeart @littlehux @nelleficent Also I feel I should let you know that I have a .pdf copy of The Whispering Road now, it looks really cool!
LockHeart @littlehux @nelleficent It says a lot about my Twitter usage that I fail to notice notifications for an hour... (also yes cats pls)
LockHeart @emagoldner This sounds promising...
LockHeart @emagoldner I need to see this.
LockHeart RT @prodnose: After that, we need this to go to penalties. I demand to see both these fucking teams tortured and one put to death.
LockHeart Rip in peace my sides
LockHeart Holy shit I can't breathe
Yotam @andrewhussie you should have called Jane "June"
Yotam @Monteil4 Shit, now I am kinda terrified that my tweet actual offended you.
Yotam @Monteil4 Hetalia?... You are dead to me...
Yotam @Monteil4 Might I ask where is the avatar from?
Yotam @JimSterling But what about singleplayer games?You talked about the multiplayer aspect of used games, but I think that's not the whole issue
Yotam @andrewhussie apparently god is an avid MSPA fan because the hiatus caused him to smite you with an earthquake
Yotam @andrewhussie started selling out?
Yotam @Lulzsec stop overusing unfunny memes you angsty teenage cockmunch
Yotam Comic Book Movies - reading 24 panels per second. Play Reimagine :The Game: via @ncasenmare
Fox Doucette Those arriving here via a Google search of my name are reminded that this is for my creative writing, not marketing myself as an accountant.
Lewis @NathanHamill Looks suspicously like the father :D
Lewis Moving 3 Tb will take 12 hours :D Im still really happy :D
Lewis @cthulhuchick maybe their depressed
Lewis @NietzscheQuotes nietzsche was catty :meow: :)
Lewis @WendyLiebman good to know I have it in reserve for when mike and molly goes off season
Lewis @YoruuXD lost? Turn on phone
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Fox Doucette @sportsguy33 Gotta be "BRA", especially if the women therefrom ain't wearin' one.