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Andrew Covarrubias one nice thing about windows is that it doesn't treat a word document and a printer as though they are both files.
Andrew Covarrubias @TGCritique "Sega vs Itself: How to screw up your business in seven short years"
Andrew Covarrubias @byuu_san It's heartbreaking that someone before you intentionally cropped out the signature before sharing. Extra…
Andrew Covarrubias @GameTheoryRejct i also want animal crossing on switch this is newsworthy
Andrew Covarrubias @Axialmatt @AchievementHunt I've got some #AHMarioMayker suggestions that I made. First, two BASTARD LEVELS: The…
Andrew Covarrubias @AngelsAdvocate6 @GameTheoryRejct technically Mario won the contest, was suspicious, checked it out, and got kidnap…
Andrew Covarrubias @GameTheoryRejct Didn't the ghosts outright invite Mario to the mansion before they locked him away?
Andrew Covarrubias @DawnMBennettVA Should Dawn's tweet about polls have been a poll?
Andrew Covarrubias @TGCritique It's almost as if the Dreamcast was only available for a year or something.
Andrew Covarrubias @TGCritique I think they're pretty different. For example, Fox is good and Falco sucks. I'm really annoyed that Sm…
Andrew Covarrubias @firsthour Probably more along the lines of "the musical score timing itself to the lasers." It's a common techniqu…
Andrew Covarrubias if someone sues u2, and a lawyer works the case for free, is this pro-bono, anti-bono, or both?
Andrew Covarrubias RT @RFBNetwork: We finally figured out what was wrong with the art. Jesus needed a slight forward tilt to the head to accurately depict a f…
Andrew Covarrubias @RFBNetwork Well now there's artifacts and weird corners on it, and a chunk of hair next to his head, but despite t…
Andrew Covarrubias @TGCritique I keep my GameCube around so I can play my favorite original GameCube exclusive, Sonic 2 Battle Adventure
Andrew Covarrubias @Mother3Forever I deleted my tweet for two reasons: 1. it's fixed 2. there is a decent chance that this was an acci…
Andrew Covarrubias @GameTheoryRejct he was also the coolest, on account of being weak but continuing to always keep fighting anyway.
Vault101 @Xero @nzherald DON'T LIE TO ME DAMMIT
Vault101 @joshgnosis he means religious freedoms
Vault101 @joshgnosis emphasizing "sweet blonde" makes it all the more worse
Vault101 @Obscurus_Lupa I'm not a fan b/c I find Klingon's unconvincing as a fictional culture
Vault101 @PhoenixUndone @KrangTNelson @phranqueigh "Blood Zero Sky". YA novel where that's taken to logical extreme, it's.....alright as a novel
Vault101 @thelindsayellis Maybe he's Jealous you've evolved as a content creator and he hasn't
Vault101 @mikalvision @yesthisisnana @thelindsayellis I've heard a lot of criticisms about CA but I always thought Lindsay and doug were on ok terms
Vault101 @thelindsayellis his movie "criticism" has always been kinda shallow
Nick RT @JimSterling: Mario possesses hat, hat possesses dinosaur, viewer becomes conflicted by the ethical implications of ALL this. #E32017 #N…
Nick #PokemonY with benefits?
Nick #PokemonY yes its a shame most Americans dont like it.
Nick #PokemonY OH SHIT! Jehovawitnesses!
Nick #PokemonY another pokemon trainer in a single parent home.
Nick #PokemonY starting a new game. Gonna pick the girl because bitch Im fabulous like that.
Nick RT @GoNintendoTweet: Tips for a great E3. Not all games are meant for you and that's okay. Games you don't like are allowed to exist & do…
Nick @AConservGamer @davidscottjaffe ACGamer, you dont feel debating it legitimizes it?
Nick @davidscottjaffe Its like giving an interview with a holocaust denier. It shouldnt be legitimized in anyway I feel
Nick @davidscottjaffe Yeah but then they do shit like shoot up pizza places & and vote.
Nick @davidscottjaffe Problem is Jaffe, not everyone thinks hes a nutjob. We dont want to legitimize his nonsense
Nick @TheNerdyVixen ^.^ so happy for you Vix!
Nick I know it's the smart decision to not fall back into the cycle. I just wish I knew why I was breaking the cycle, there isn't a reason.
Nick ....Not that I want to make this a thing but I came close to having a drink today after several days of not. I don't know what I'm doing.
Nick Life goin' nowhere, somebody help me Somebody help me, yeah Life goin' nowhere, somebody help me Somebody help me, yeah, I'm stayin' alive
Nick The DCEU's green lantern better end up being John Stewart. Casting aside, He IS Green Lantern to me.
Nick @jimmyyadig Joe/Angle.... killed all the momentum Joe had gained up to that point, but moment was still pretty cool.
Nick @jimmyyadig Brock's here to cash checks, not improve. He doesn't even wrestle, he just throws people.
Nick I'd see that. I mean I'd want to see a Batman Beyond movie anyway, but that be the perfect way to do something like that.
Vault101 @thelindsayellis "needlessly hostile"?....oh honey
Vault101 @SJWMEGATRON @the_moviebob I'd like to think so too but I have my doubts