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NJ @PostNL Vraagje, mijn pakket uit de VS zit al vier dagen in "Customs Clearance"(waarde is onder 22 euro), is er iets wat ik kan doen?
NJ @PostNL Hebt iets uit China besteld wat blijkbaar een NL T&T code zou moeten hebben maar geen gekregen, is de T&T nog te krijgen via jullie?
NJ @DriverGame Wonders if the pre-order deluxe ed. cars('73 El Camino, '10 Camaro) are also in the normal launch-day edition
Eyelicker @kirapocket LOL at the comment "oh. shit. he looks really fucking wedged in there."
NJ To Denmark again for new year. Them Danes. Dat alcohol. <3
Eyelicker Adolescent muslim kids with horrific teenage mustaces
Eyelicker got fucked up on no money and lots of charm, should stop bringing money to nights out
Eyelicker tonight I will see how drunk I can get on no money and a lot of charm
Eyelicker the point of drunkeness when you can stay hard for ages without cumming
Eyelicker Phqgpjtjkgjgvgtjt
Eyelicker As a cyclist who myself gets pissed off at road rule breaking fixie riders, I can only imagine how infuriating they must be for motorists
Eyelicker drempt I was John fucking Connor
Eyelicker Azns....Not blocking the cycle lane!?! That makes only one azn related traffic incident this morning, keep it up!
Eyelicker I'm charming
Eyelicker Different situations....
Eyelicker another day with very little sleep and working a day shift after getting home at 5 am. Fucking yaaaawwwwwwn
Eyelicker hahaha, Oh wow! RT: @kirapocket is this what your people do?? Lol
Eyelicker @kirapocket fuck yeah anal sex!
Eyelicker Disgorge into drop dead, gorgeous. Fuck you shuffle all. Fuck you
Eyelicker Sure!
Aidan Mutz @Yarggggg just made this photo on Photoshop on my iPod took slot of effort..
Aidan Mutz Just got a new iPod screen because the last one cracked. And It took 14 days to get it here.. Shows how bad eBay is...
Aidan Mutz @Machinima_com What games aren't I playing?
Aidan Mutz Check out the Machinima iPhone App! It is awesome!! You should totally get if you have an iPod..
Aidan Mutz Just found a lady right she posts things on twitter every like second. I find those kind of people retarded.
Aidan Mutz Found some money in my wallet... Now I can go shopping finally...
Aidan Mutz Getting up later tomorrow no early morning class
NJ Going to Denmark for a month in 4 days - Fuck yeeeaaaahhhh!
Lissy Donoghue SATC 2 next week :D
Lissy Donoghue good god i MUST be tired. that was CURLY not 'girly'. haha
Lissy Donoghue sometimes i forget just how girly my hair really is ... gyarrgh!
Lissy Donoghue liking this one mr.lush :D
Lissy Donoghue HYPED "Huntin' Shootin' Fishin' " by Jonny Lush on
Lissy Donoghue HYPED "Sail Me Away. " by Jonny Lush on
Lissy Donoghue HYPED "Long Lost Penpal" by Stefany A on
Lissy Donoghue just logged into (@lookbookdotnu) with my twitter account
Lissy Donoghue sex and the city 2 on friiidayyy!
NJ You guys know a fella' by the name o' Bill Brasky?
Aidan Mutz Iron man 2 was the besterest movie ever made. Just saw it last night and it was great!!!!!!!!!!!
Lissy Donoghue job hunting hurts my heeeaad! *enter sadface here*
Lissy Donoghue !! been too far away from coffee facebook and twitter for far too long!! i promise i'll never leave you again lover!!
Aidan Mutz Why doesn't sour cream expire?
Aidan Mutz Just reached rank 69 eighth prestige on MW2; nearly on ninth!
Aidan Mutz Is playing Modern Warfare 2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lissy Donoghue new prsnlBlog up yay ^-^, more like an add on to its blates really ;)
Lissy Donoghue i'm sure everybody's gone BBQ crazy today :s