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DeimosMasque RT @HamillHimself: In all fairness-I know your thoughts & prayers are also w/ 3rd rate NYT reporters- Crooked H flunkies-spelling Haberman…
DeimosMasque RT @sateenmusic: Cis women and trans women are both real women. â¤ï¸
DeimosMasque RT @HamillHimself: Only YOU can make this happen.
DeimosMasque @alice_malice Great idea lets do it
DeimosMasque @alice_malice Same here. Replace the blue milk with tons of booze
DeimosMasque RT @choppingwoodpod: April 8th, 1990 - 28 years ago the #TwinPeaks pilot premiered in the U.S. on ABC. The most original & mysterious 96 mi…
DeimosMasque @alice_malice I love you so much. We'll get through this together
Trivun Luzaic Bored again...
Trivun Luzaic Only linking because I have to... via @iwgameofthrones
Trivun Luzaic Booooooooooooooooooored...
DeimosMasque RT @PamelaHorton13: Effective immediately, I am announcing my formal campaign to be THE Bayonetta for the release of Bayonetta 3. Hey, @N…
Trivun Luzaic @editorsofficial Remember starting out, with those early gigs at The Flapper in Birmingham? Please RT, we need you!
Trivun Luzaic @OCSmusic Will you please help and RT? The Flapper, a bastion of the Birmingham music scene, is under threat.
Trivun Luzaic RT @Escapism_UK: Good morning all! Safe trips to everyone going to Manchester today! #Escapism17
FPLOON #StarWarsTaughtMe One of the great music genres of the galaxy is none other than Jizz! @midnight
FPLOON The Fyre Festival was like the DashCon of music festivals for rich people... If only they had a ball pit to compensate for the main event...
FPLOON It's time to switch up the console game with a Nintendo Switch giveaway! Just enter here: "" Thanks, @TheEscapistMag!
FPLOON Me: Does #Riverdale have secrets or sinners? Riverdale: "Both... I have layers..." Me: #WhatTheHellRiverdale I almost bust a gut with that!
FPLOON The "better-late-than-more-late" unboxing of the Take Your Heart Premium Edition of Persona 5...
FPLOON Clerks 2 Broke For Another Big Budget Sequel To A Cult Classic #BudgetMovies @midnight #latenighttweet
FPLOON Retweeted Studio Saizensen (@saizensen_EN): It's Studio Saizensen Week! Deep discounts, up to 70% on Steam, as...
FPLOON RT @saizensen_EN: It's Studio Saizensen Week! Deep discounts, up to 70% on Steam, as well as Stream Events and a Giveaway! Learn more: http…
Trivun Luzaic @KTHopkins @MailOnline Decent ordinary folk dead/injured, yet people like you live on. That's the real tragedy of this attack. #bbcnews
FPLOON A chance to win a Microsoft Surface? Just by entering using this link ( Sign me up, @TheEscapistMag, within 1 week!
FPLOON Speed 2: Over Dose #DrugMovies @midnight
FPLOON Morgan saw through Richard's genjutsu and made him pay the iron price... Then, Carol begins to pull a John Wick. #TheWalkingDead #FreshBuzz
FPLOON Carson Who #PresidentialTVShows @midnight
FPLOON Kremlin Show on CC #PresidentialTVShows @midnight
FPLOON The New Presidential Apprentice #PresidentialTVShows @midnight
FPLOON The Guardians of Cornholio: The Bunghole #OneWordOffBooks @midnight
FPLOON If You Give A Mouse A Bong #OneWordOffBooks @midnight
FPLOON The Phantom SexBooth #OneWordOffBooks @midnight
FPLOON I AM my side chick? #MyLoveLifeIn5Words @midnight
FPLOON Trapped in the Phantom Zone! #MyLoveLifeIn5Words @midnight
FPLOON Rock Paper Scissors Hand Jizz #MyLoveLifeIn5Words @midnight
Trivun Luzaic @realDonaldTrump Just wondered, what're your views on the weapon program in Wakanda currently being developed using their vibranium surplus?
Trivun Luzaic @BBCOne Daniel Collard
DeimosMasque @alicemalice01 @mygeekgoddess @xcom Alice Malice on the title screen for my current XCom2 playthrough
DeimosMasque RT @KreativeKali: ♡.♡ @alice_malice w a sexy and frosty pic to get this & other fabulous @MyGeekGoddess cards!! htt…
DeimosMasque Happy Birthday @jessicanova You're gonna kill a shit ton of aliens in your Rage Armor @mygeekgoddess @xcom
DeimosMasque My first group @XCOM 2 soldiers based on the lovely models of @mygeekgoddess #PS4share
DeimosMasque @alice_malice You forgot the one other thing... ON DIFFERENT STORES! She found hers on Amazon, I found mine on Walmart
Trivun Luzaic @Evy_Lynch Mine was a grey squirrel, and I was also hoping for a cat. I definitely feel more like a cat than a squirrel... #patronuscrisis
DeimosMasque Malice disciple of Dumplin is ready for #CellGames @teamfourstar
Trivun Luzaic @absoluteradio Really fancy some White Stripes, how about Blue Orchid? #requestshow
Trivun Luzaic Even more amazing considering at this time point four years ago, we were only on 9 medals, right now we're hitting 12 for @teamgb! Nice one!
Trivun Luzaic Getting really emotional and excited about the Olympics so far. Best of luck to @TeamGB for the rest of the Games! #wickedwednesday
Trivun Luzaic Watching the dog barking now, because he has to move more than a few inches to reach his ball. #lazy :D
Trivun Luzaic @khloekardashian The way I see it, you're only famous for your dad defending a murderer. @ChloeGMoretz is (cont)
DeimosMasque @nunudeen Meant Yiddish not Hebrew. Sorry. It's basically google translated Yiddish put into a comic without correction.