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Trivun Luzaic Bored again...
Trivun Luzaic Only linking because I have to... via @iwgameofthrones
Trivun Luzaic Booooooooooooooooooored...
Neonbob Yep. All that emotional bracing and I still wasn't ready for Tennant to go.
Neonbob I'm nearing the end of David Tennant's run in Doctor Who...I'm not ready for him to stop yet.
Neonbob @jephjacques I know you've got to have ads on the site, but these jagoffs make it impossible to read your comic.
Neonbob RT @kh_ux_na: Twitter Challenge! If this tweet reaches 10K retweets by 8/24, 7:59 pm (PT), EVERYONE gets a Fantasia Mickey B + 3000 Jewels!…
Trivun Luzaic @editorsofficial Remember starting out, with those early gigs at The Flapper in Birmingham? Please RT, we need you!
Trivun Luzaic @OCSmusic Will you please help and RT? The Flapper, a bastion of the Birmingham music scene, is under threat.
Trivun Luzaic RT @Escapism_UK: Good morning all! Safe trips to everyone going to Manchester today! #Escapism17
Neonbob Go see wonder woman. So much fuck yes in that movie.
Trivun Luzaic @KTHopkins @MailOnline Decent ordinary folk dead/injured, yet people like you live on. That's the real tragedy of this attack. #bbcnews
Trivun Luzaic @realDonaldTrump Just wondered, what're your views on the weapon program in Wakanda currently being developed using their vibranium surplus?
Trivun Luzaic @BBCOne Daniel Collard
Trivun Luzaic @Evy_Lynch Mine was a grey squirrel, and I was also hoping for a cat. I definitely feel more like a cat than a squirrel... #patronuscrisis
Trivun Luzaic @absoluteradio Really fancy some White Stripes, how about Blue Orchid? #requestshow
Trivun Luzaic Even more amazing considering at this time point four years ago, we were only on 9 medals, right now we're hitting 12 for @teamgb! Nice one!
Trivun Luzaic Getting really emotional and excited about the Olympics so far. Best of luck to @TeamGB for the rest of the Games! #wickedwednesday
Trivun Luzaic Watching the dog barking now, because he has to move more than a few inches to reach his ball. #lazy :D
Trivun Luzaic @khloekardashian The way I see it, you're only famous for your dad defending a murderer. @ChloeGMoretz is (cont)
Trivun Luzaic After roughly 20 years working together, are you looking forward to the next 20 years? #antanddecongrimmy
Trivun Luzaic - Link to the full story, as it stands so far. #DoctorWho #BBC
Trivun Luzaic Bloody hell, she thought, what I wouldn't give for psychic paper... Clara wondered just how the Doctor (cont)
Trivun Luzaic Just starting Chapter 7 of my #DoctorWho fanfic, set after Series 9 ends. For those who've not seen it, my next post has a little teaser...
Trivun Luzaic Is it just me, or does Bobby look like Damien from the Omen with his hair and his school uniform? #EastEnders
Dave Neville RT @HamillHimself: Loose lips sink Starships! Don't pull a Homer, keep the secrets! #shh #DontBeAHomer #StarWars #SWVII #TFA…
Dave Neville @jroberts332 Start a brawl worthy of Maccadams's Old Oil House!
Dave Neville RT @BBCScienceNews: "A spectacular day in the office" - @astro_timpeake speaks to his family from the ISS. #BritInSpace #TimPeake https://t…
Dave Neville RT @SimpsonsQOTD: "So, while you're home today, eating your sweet, sweet, holiday turkey. I hope you'll all choke, just a little bit." http…
Dave Neville RT @RikerGoogling: drunk history darmok and jalad at tanagra
Dave Neville RT @RikerGoogling: is "out of your vulcan mind" offensive
Dave Neville @jroberts332 Huh. Reminds me of something written by that anonymous miner/ activist from Tarn. Powerful stuff...
Dave Neville RT @Purpliser: Hoverboard is GO! #mtmte #tailgate #lostlight #custom #Transformers
Dave Neville @jroberts332 I've been working all day,alright? Finally got round to reading #47 last night & now my heart is in tiny pieces. Again.
Dave Neville RT @EoinBearla: Will #Cork Opera House's decision to axe the live orchestra from this year's panto affect your decision to attend?
Dave Neville RT @jroberts332: MTMTE makes the shortlist, so... please RT! Cast Your Vote for Continued Excellence in Serial Comics…
Dave Neville RT @ESBNetworks: #Stormdesmond will continue to hit us well into tonight, heres what Midday to 3pm look like #staysafe…
Dave Neville RT @AAWeatherWatch: Anyone seen Ireland!? The rain keeps falling and the rainfall (24hr) totals keep adding up. Keep your OBS coming! https…
Dave Neville RT @EoinBearla: Unconfirmed reports that a man changed a flat tyre on the South Ring Rd and didn't lose his place in the jam #Cork #gridlock
Dave Neville @David_Cameron You are playing into IS's hands, and all you'll accomplish is more blood & headlines. But that's what you wanted, isn't it?
Dave Neville @eircare Hi guys, our broadband is extremely sluggish this morning. Won't even load the google home page! Is there an outage in Blarney?
Dave Neville RT @SarahJBiggs: A lovely morning spent with the fabulous Anglo-Saxon Miscellany (Cotton MS Tiberius B V), soon to go online!…
Dave Neville RT @SarahJBiggs: Do you like monstrous races and the Marvels of the East? OF COURSE YOU DO (Cotton MS Tiberius B V, f. 81v)…
Dave Neville @miracleofsound I love how it follows a castle's designs but with Fallout materials :D
Neonbob MINORITY REPORT | Saving The Future Tomorrow | FOX BROADCASTING
AceDiamond Careful what you write for - a series of thoughts on writing and designs.
AceDiamond Forgot I did it in 64x64, here it is at 256x256 : #mecha #pixel_dailies @Pixel_Dailies
AceDiamond wasn't trying to make something zaku-esque but I guess green causes that for a #mecha #pixel_dailies @Pixel_Dailies
AceDiamond Decided to #revisit the #topdown #building #pixel_dailies from last week. @Pixel_Dailies