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Allison Turns out that happiness comes from least that's how I'm justifying it.
Allison I've achieved perfection in the center of darkness.
Allison I've collected so much yet my soul is still dirty.
Allison The only real monsters on this journey are the ones in inside my head.
Allison The heat is nothing compared to the happiness I'll have.
Allison I've never been more ashamed.
Allison Who knew a neglectful father could be a good thing.
Allison Is this enough to earn my fathers love?
Allison Two steps closer to paradise.
Allison Complete total screens are how I measure my self worth.
Allison RT @haywiremag: Off the Grid: Tomboys Need Love Too! - @AllieWinter68 needs a warm shower after this.
Allison When I thought I was being kicked out of my house my first thought is better make sure I bring Persona 3.
Allison RT @haywiremag: Off the Grid: Hollow Knight - @AllieWinter68 is more of a hollow knave.
Allison When you have a mental illness and most days are hell,an okay day is better than nothing. #Okayisokay
Allison I'm not getting eat ip by anixity over my job today #Okayisokay
Allison I smiled today #Okayisokay
Allison Waking up not hating the fact that I'm alive #Okayisokay
Allison Why was fruit used as a derogatory term for gay people?I don't think my love of a girl's peaches makes me a bad person.
Allison My talent for cooking is severely outclassed by my talent for being lazy.