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Roxas1359 And so we begin the game on Legend Difficulty.
Roxas1359 RT @773mimisuke: さみã-がã,Šã,¾ãƒ­ã,¢ãƒ¼ã,¯ã¨ã-ã,"ã,ãã†ã ã,"
Roxas1359 RT @_ShaneGill_: Them: You should cover this bad obscure game only 3 people have heard of. Me, knowing full well I'll never do a video on i…
Roxas1359 RT @robtoml_statman: 40K! Congrats to @Proton_Jon, @chuggaaconroy, @Lost_CapriSun and crew for a successful first day of the stream! Here's…
Roxas1359 RT @SizzsarzLive: This is my constant battle.
Roxas1359 RT @Somecallmejon: Welcome to my home, Selene.
Roxas1359 RT @Hellz_Gates: How to help a streamer: Follow their twitch channel Tune into their streams Help them build a positive community Share/re…
Roxas1359 It's the epilogue to the Future series and the first episode goes live Monday!
Roxas1359 Took almost a year but Fallout 3's main game is done now.
Roxas1359 Update video time. Tis a short one this time.
Roxas1359 True Arena I had to do a total of 4 times due to recording failures...I was annoyed to say the least.
Roxas1359 Almost missed a bobblehead too.
Roxas1359 So late with uploads it's sad.
Roxas1359 RT @TheRealFTA: You weren’t “misled”. You were, and still are, an ignorant, self entitled dickhead. No one should have to tell you NOT to…
Roxas1359 RT @alpha00zero: Deed is done and so will the dunks! Here's Prof. Dunk and his pupil Broly tackling the question of fusions. Tad of a head…
Roxas1359 And so ends the multiplayer adventure, now onto single player stuff!
Roxas1359 RT @othatsraspberry: I had a One Piece dream last night
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @wolfenstein: Make America Nazi-Free Again. #NoMoreNazis #Wolf2
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @mrfeelswildride: so basically kemono friends was wildly successful cause an amateur director was allowed to do whatever and his reward…
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @DickKingSmith: Our younger brother is small and confusing but we love him.
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @dog_rates: Here is a puppo with a paw print on her nose. 13/10 would boop/high five
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @ricksteeezy: another fun fact: here is daisaku kuze's VA/actor from Yakuza 0 getting slapped by a monkey
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @matthaig1: Male suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50. It is preventable. Let's not man up. Let's find true strength instead. L…
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @dodo: When this seal met a diver, he fell in LOVE ❤️ (via @caters_news)
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers Hey @AngriestPat, did you see the newest Solidus compilation?
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @jonnohopkins: The world is going to hell. You owe it to yourself to watch this video of Irish people attempting to get a bat out of the…
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @SavinTheBees: Vegan: I'm vegan Logic: I'm biracial Me: drink water Danny Rand: im the iron fist
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @discotekmedia: Here's our trailer for Hells! Coming soon with a dub with @teamfourstar!
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @BenHickling: Kinda lost interest towards the end, so gonna post this as is #Splatoon2 #marina
Super McAwesomepants @OJessicaNigri Sorry, I don't have any Lucios. I keep forgetting to purchase OW.
Super McAwesomepants RT @CatlinNya: RT if you have more followers than The Emoji Movie's Rotten Tomatoes score.
Super McAwesomepants @TSnowTosh @TamashiiHiroka I see things haven't changed that much. Wind blows, rain falls...
Super McAwesomepants @LilithLovett @ohnips No matter what bullshit you tell yourself to justify your petty hatred​ of a drawing or artis…
Super McAwesomepants @Bulltoid @ricardosaracino @KittyRabbi @mombot @BibLando I sympathize with Vince, I'm doing a playthrough and I can…
Super McAwesomepants @mombot I wonder if there are any printing companies that would be willing to fire off some "professional victim" b…
Super McAwesomepants RT @mombot: As is typical of the social media, the people who harassed the artist are now complaining about being harassed.…
Super McAwesomepants @Limesalicious What is this cherry heresy? The Lime Cult only consumes Key Lime!
Super McAwesomepants RT @SoundsBetterUK: @rickastley And we have never gave up on you Rick #Since1987