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Neonbob Yep. All that emotional bracing and I still wasn't ready for Tennant to go.
Neonbob I'm nearing the end of David Tennant's run in Doctor Who...I'm not ready for him to stop yet.
Neonbob @jephjacques I know you've got to have ads on the site, but these jagoffs make it impossible to read your comic.
Neonbob RT @kh_ux_na: Twitter Challenge! If this tweet reaches 10K retweets by 8/24, 7:59 pm (PT), EVERYONE gets a Fantasia Mickey B + 3000 Jewels!…
Neonbob Go see wonder woman. So much fuck yes in that movie.
Eddie Johnston Fun piece of trivia: If you remove 75% of a Marty McFly costume, you sort of look like a just-come-off-duty fireman
Eddie Johnston Tell you what, though, I reckon Marty was onto something with these braces. My waist is so free but my jeans are still up!
Eddie Johnston Anyway, thematically appropriate listening on the way home
Eddie Johnston And it's winter! In Britain! I'm sweltering!
Eddie Johnston Jesus, I don't know how Marty did it. This costume is FOUR layers of clothing.
Eddie Johnston Then later, Marty Meets the Doctor, with his TARDIS having been slightly shrunk
Eddie Johnston @TheSacredTurf That's about fifty percent of The Sims
Eddie Johnston When Marty Met Bill and Ted
Eddie Johnston RT @ThinkExhibit: "Will this year see end of the war?" Read about #Christmas 1915 #WW1 #centenary #firstworldwar
Eddie Johnston @Willeth @Jam_sponge what the hell is keming?
Eddie Johnston @Xzyliac I thought your sexy thing was sci-fi cyberpunk MAKE UP YOUR MIND XZY
Eddie Johnston @penglet She gave it away, and then presumably the hearts original owner tracked it down over the course of a year.
Eddie Johnston Wait, what if this isn't the real Kojima that's joined a new studio? What if it's an intern that he escaped with from Konami?
Eddie Johnston @TaleSpun I almost always assassin people with a gun. Just from the rooftops. Pow. Easy.
Eddie Johnston @TaleSpun Other games give you a million ways to kill and then say "ONLY USE THIS ONE SPECIFIC WAY"
Eddie Johnston @TaleSpun Unity seems all about letting you tailor the way you play, which is such an improvement from the past.
Eddie Johnston @TaleSpun And also, don't forget, they are working with feedback from like two games ago.
Eddie Johnston @TaleSpun I feel that AC is due a bounce back at some point. These things go in patterns. Look at CoD BlOps 3.
Eddie Johnston @TaleSpun That'd probably get a day one purchase from me. Can you imagine?!?
Eddie Johnston @TaleSpun ahh. Ahh. AHHHHHHH
Neonbob MINORITY REPORT | Saving The Future Tomorrow | FOX BROADCASTING
Neonbob I am irritated. Cosmos is on Netflix. The wife, who I consider quite intelligent, says she has no interest in it. Fucking. Great.
Neonbob @RavingPenguin At this point, I don't see what it could hurt. Gracias
Neonbob @RavingPenguin most places also want us to make more, which sucks when we need to move for the wife's job.
Neonbob @RavingPenguin the place was okay, it had just been renovated after the last renter. Most Realtors want money to take applications here. :/
Neonbob @RavingPenguin plus, we can't really go to sketchier places and bring along two kids.
Neonbob @RavingPenguin the bad part is that this was for a house, and they didn't want credit checks run or anything.
Neonbob @RavingPenguin haha. Oh god, the more you say, the more I realize why I'm getting turned down.
Neonbob @RavingPenguin yeah...I've been living at home to go to community college, and renting from my wife's parents. Nobody wants to take that.
Neonbob "oh, you want to rent from us? How is your rental history?" " I've been in school, so I don't really have one." "oh. This may not work. "
Neonbob I feel so unfulfilled. We were supposed to get an answer from the person we might be renting from earlier this afternoon. Nada.
Neonbob Logan went in for surgery to correct his nasal passages today. The surgery went smoothly but they...
Neonbob I'm raising money for Logan's Journey . Click to Donate: #gofundme
Neonbob With apologies to my British friends... F**ck You, England:
Neonbob I'm raising money for close friends of mine, their son is in the NICU . Even a dollar would help!: #gofundme
Insanum @april_marie @freemind62 I'm just letting you know about UK law. There's a lot of misinformation regards knives here.
Insanum @april_marie @freemind62 ... You will be arrested and the knives seized. You'd be fine if you were camping, or had all stuff with though
Insanum @april_marie @freemind62 depends on how it's carried. You can't walk around with those knives on you and say 'they're good for camping' ...
Insanum @freemind62 @april_marie you'll also be liable for arrest. Foldable under 3" that don't lock are ok, but you will be asked questions
Insanum @freemind62 @april_marie knives that dont fold are illegal. includes any size. If you carry a 2" blade that doesn't fold its a weapon per se
Insanum @frskull You're on Reddit - - Glad you're ok though. Some people are a danger when they get behind the wheel.
Insanum @NPASBirmingham would that effect the flying of the helicopter or is that mainly an issue for fixed-wings?
Insanum RT @GMPSalfordWest: We've kicked in a door in Worsley, got 72 cannabis plants, nobody home. Left a note. GMP, keeping you in the loop. ht…
Insanum RT @WYP_RPU: A powerful message
Insanum @Lost_inthe_Void apart from the 5 tweets that were like 'CHECK OUT THESE SHOOZ <link>' that I've deleted.