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Evil Smurf RT @hostile_goose: i have an opinion
Evil Smurf RT @hostile_goose: @__nataliii__ someone gave me tap water and now i have an opinion
Evil Smurf â€úDo me a solidâ€Ě means shit on my chest, right?
Evil Smurf @Hannah_Mayh3m If I can’t always be cuddling a fur baby, what’s the point?
Evil Smurf The French had the right idea about aristocracy
Evil Smurf RT @sallymcmanus: Differences between the Bank RC and the Union RC. #BankingRC: - half the time - less $ allocated - no phone taps - no ded…
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Evil Smurf Thank fuck Barbara Bush is dead.
Evil Smurf RT @JennyENicholson: With the channel awesome boycott idk where i'm gonna get my youtube videos of men yelling that they hate movies and th…
Evil Smurf I’m blocking you
Evil Smurf @NVIDIAGeForce when are setting up servers in Australia?
Evil Smurf RT @NedRyersonBing: @mc_lens One of them got a bit salty...
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