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Resonance After checking out gameplay footage of "Seduce Me", I found out why it got pulled from Steam Greenlight. It's shit.
Resonance @DanMazkin Well it's less of a discussion than Piers probably had in mind.
Resonance @bananeninja At present, I cannot confirm or deny that. Or the existence of a secret Sarif Industries facility in New York.
Resonance So to repeat an earlier question, how many of you would immediately unfollow me/freak out if I changed my twitter handle?
Resonance @DanMazkin oh it gets better towards the end of the second part.
Resonance . @DanMazkin Isn't that what you do in interviews? "@AdamJensenSI did.....did he actually challenge him to a fight? A fist fight??"
Resonance And here's the direct link. Seriously, what the fuck.
Resonance @OverQuill wait, what? did i post the wrong link? O_o
Resonance By the way, this is the way I see all people who own guns.
Resonance Wow. 'Murica much? You make PIERS MORGAN look like a normal person.
Resonance Pokémon X, Y announced for 3DS, worldwide release this October
Resonance The Guy Who Made Bayonetta Is Clueless about Valve and PC Gaming
Resonance @xoxide sure when it arrives XD
Resonance My Vision is Augmented. #CES2013
Resonance Remember, I'm giving away Dota 2 access keys! RT this message and tell me which Augmentation from DE:HR you'd most like and why!