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Evil Smurf RT @hostile_goose: i have an opinion
Evil Smurf RT @hostile_goose: @__nataliii__ someone gave me tap water and now i have an opinion
Evil Smurf â€úDo me a solidâ€Ě means shit on my chest, right?
Evil Smurf @Hannah_Mayh3m If I can’t always be cuddling a fur baby, what’s the point?
Evil Smurf The French had the right idea about aristocracy
Evil Smurf RT @sallymcmanus: Differences between the Bank RC and the Union RC. #BankingRC: - half the time - less $ allocated - no phone taps - no ded…
Evil Smurf RT @pollwatcher9: Debt DOUBLED since LNP took over. DOUBLED. MSM cared so much about ALP debt & deficit now don’t mention it #auspol https…
Evil Smurf Thank fuck Barbara Bush is dead.
Evil Smurf RT @JennyENicholson: With the channel awesome boycott idk where i'm gonna get my youtube videos of men yelling that they hate movies and th…
Evil Smurf I’m blocking you
Evil Smurf @NVIDIAGeForce when are setting up servers in Australia?
Evil Smurf RT @NedRyersonBing: @mc_lens One of them got a bit salty...
Evil Smurf RT @NedRyersonBing: @mc_lens I was at my desk at home a few years ago and looked out the window to see these guys about 8 feet away. They’r…
Krystal My #Wifey, @CupcakeLavon, always names my cars. Newest car is #ThunderLane! Good practice for our non-existent children!
Krystal It's indescribably gross when your toe nail is bloody and feels "loose". #Hematoma #ToeContusion
Krystal I love playing episodic video games with the #wifey, @CupcakeLavon! Interesting to see what different paths we take!
Krystal RT @CupcakeLavon: The #wifey moves to another time zone and we are both tripping XD #Timezones #Longdistance! @Lucem712
Krystal Lovin' @AmericanExpress ' targeted offers! Who told you I was movin'? :) #BlueCash #Amex
Krystal RT @CupcakeLavon: Had a great time w/ the wifey today even if I was being a #poutyface. She loves me anyways ;) @Lucem712
Krystal What @UPS in Hobbs considers weather severe enough to delay a package
Krystal This just in; breakin' news! I've got the best Wifey! Love ya, @CupcakeLavon! #Spoilt
Krystal Playing some #Fallout3 to prep for B-day/Grad vacation with the #wifey
Krystal @CupcakeLavon This is one way to start your morning.
Krystal Spent all day binge-watching #AHS and missing my #Wifey @CupcakeLavon
Krystal Damnit, #NOLA stop ruining my opinion of #Canadians!
Krystal #Wifey, @CupcakeLavon, enjoying her drink. #NOLA
Krystal Flying for the first time! #Southwest
Krystal Holidays & Adults Who Lie
Krystal Hey, thanks @amazon for fixin' my holiday gift screw up!
Krystal Carrie Underwood - "Oh, there must've been something in the water." Me - "It was vodka, Carrie. Vodka."
Krystal I'm so lucky to have my #Squish/#Wifey,@CupcakeLavon. I miss her like a fat kid misses chcolate cake when she's gone.
Krystal RT @CupcakeLavon: Newsflash: Homophobia is not cute. Your marriage to the woman you meet 6 months ago is also not cute.
Krystal New look for my Nexus 5