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Sky C. Devine That uhh.. that isn't a trolley/shopping cart...
Sky C. Devine @SexySassyfrassy why would Redlin do that to himself
Sky C. Devine @SexySassyfrassy who are the new meat? I deleted my bookmark ages ago :v
Sky C. Devine I was gonna leave for work early but then the cat sat on my legs.
Sky C. Devine @AndresIndoril I MISREAD THAT AS "I SHOULD COCK"
Sky C. Devine I'm really good at getting a solid 4th place in this FFA death matches in Overwatch
Sky C. Devine I'll beback. I know where you MIGHT live, kitty
Sky C. Devine Curses. Foiled again
Sky C. Devine I went to get food and she disappeared. Its like that hedghehog all over again
Sky C. Devine Guess its time to try kidnapping a cat :v
Sky C. Devine Theres some uber thin cat on the above road and i dunno if shes abandoned or just has a medical condition
Sky C. Devine Having said that if anyone is looking to hire a country-ish singer then I'm fully available
Sky C. Devine it's kind of annoying how my voice really does seem to suit country-ish songs when I prefer to sing pop >.>
Sky C. Devine @ZeRootOfAllEvil hhhhow dare you sir. Ive never stoned in my life
Sky C. Devine can cats look exhausted? 'cause loki looks like a stoner that hasnt slept all night
Sky C. Devine @RavingPenguin your shady merchant was invisible but I fucked him up. youre welcome x
Sky C. Devine @RavingPenguin he gunna die :v ... tomorrow
Sky C. Devine @RavingPenguin Where does he live >:C
Bentusi16 @mikeyardcomedy Since everyone else replied sarcastically; lot of republicans I talk to tend to either say Bush 2 or Obama, yes.
Bentusi16 @pulsemeat Make commercials for in the style of a 80's used car salesman.
Bentusi16 @ShamsJorjani A lot of towns and cities in the US maintain local forums that might host that sort of thing.
Bentusi16 @davidpakmanshow Spikes in police shooting are non racial. So spikes happen without regard to race. Kind of interesting actually.
Bentusi16 @mikeyardcomedy This might work, sorry twitter is just so damn short sir. Your using the same rhetoric that (cont)
Bentusi16 @mikeyardcomedy No, but we are defined on being judged as individuals. Look, it's a matter of rhetoric and christ is twitter not long enough
Bentusi16 @mikeyardcomedy I agree with you. Is the answer to give up our western beliefs in individualism? You're talking about a Draconian measure.
Bentusi16 @mikeyardcomedy to punish 100% of gun owners for about .0001% of gun owners. I have done the math via DoJ statistics.
Bentusi16 @mikeyardcomedy That's how they get meat. You're right. THey could live without meat. But I just don't understand why you want to (cont)
Bentusi16 @mikeyardcomedy and I have people I know personally who would be starving without the ability to hunt using a gun.
Bentusi16 @mikeyardcomedy By chasing them over cliffs.
Bentusi16 @davidpakmanshow I think the better question is 'Was it also a form of domestic terrorism"
Bentusi16 @fanfiction_txt Did anyone ever reply to him or is it just this guy sitting in a padded room.
Bentusi16 @msf_actual I calls 'em how I see's 'em.
Bentusi16 @msf_actual Yeah, you have to dodge the police AND other black dudes. I'd be scared shitless too.
Bentusi16 @Campster On the other hand, taking public positions on anything leads to your address being posted and death threats so kind of understand.
Bentusi16 @JesseCox @Warcraft Maybe the Trolls will get to do something this expansion other then be cannon fodder :D
Bentusi16 @mikeyardcomedy Gary Johnson exist.
Bentusi16 @pulsemeat alongside don't cross the hag and gnomes are hilarious and annoying
James Peterson @thecinemasnob That is one wacky carpet pattern. I've rarely seen one that they bothered to cut and fit diagonally.
James Peterson @thecinemasnob What was the payoff like with that film?
James Peterson @aWildBarbas "...we he could be making things better but decides to look at midget porn."
James Peterson "Sky wizard is the creator of all shitty things, mostly he is often sitting watching boring shit online..."
James Peterson Could be time to start the Witcher 3.
James Peterson @NukeLassic No, no, it was a joke. Toilet humour, geddit? Hahaha! Kill meee...
James Peterson @sky14kemea If you can pull a muscle, can you...push a muscle?
James Peterson @NukeLassic *Most respected authors. Bleh.
James Peterson @NukeLassic The existence of "colons" in the works of even the most respected literature proves we've got a long way to go maturity-wise.