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Chewy America is so utterly utterly fucked.
Chewy RT @SadPaulGiamatti: my bed smells like a brewery
Chewy Here is a hint: they do everything they can to avoid taxes because they don't give a fuck about public welfare and…
Chewy Love all these ppl tweeting @ billionaires like #Bezos to provide affordable housing and shit, like it's a good ide…
Chewy Jerking away from a bee, I clipped my hand on a still spinning circular saw blade at some shitty summer job I once…
Chewy DJ Khaled is getting dragged by the dictionary, happy Sunday y'all
Chewy Can't wait 'til I'm 70 and all my grandkids are all "PSVR 17 is out, it syncs up with my Galaxy Note 45" or whatever, fuckin' kids.
Chewy Once again Hawaiian shirt season is upon us and I'd like to apologize in advance for the next five months of my wardrobe choices.
Chewy Lmao look at this alt-right dingus
Chewy Am a teacher. Can confirm I talk about my dream shoes. It's all we discuss. Been reprimanded three times. I'll be f…
Chewy May the 4th be etc.
Chewy RT @danozzi: the scene in garden state where he listens to the shins but i replaced the music with diarrhea noises
Chewy Ima use this joke for everyone on my Kakao list.
Chewy Yer dad's in the news again.
Chewy @adamjohnsonNYC Real talk: I worked at a wilderness camp back in the day. They would let councilors stay over the w…
Chewy My only hope if my account is one of the ones compromised is that whomever stole my password is hella funnier than I am.
Chewy Students have to attend eight Special Activities to get full credit for that part of their grade so mad shout out t…
Chewy This dude's wife is definitely fucking the mailman.
Chewy Holy mother of fuck, no no
Chewy RT @transscribe: The closest thing mediocre white men have to a welfare program is the NYT opinion section.
Caramel Frappe faker lost, but only because blank threw three times, and reminding us that anyone can be challenger if this is how pros play lol.
Caramel Frappe @lilmonix3 Bought the DLC for your game. Thank you for literally blowing my mind with such a great experience- happy to be supporting you!
Caramel Frappe I picked SKT to win their match against AHQ #WORLDS #SKTWIN
Caramel Frappe I picked WE to win their match against LYN #WORLDS #WEWIN
Caramel Frappe Bloodborne Bloodborne (Platinum) All trophies acquired. Hats off! #PS4share
Caramel Frappe @PlagueOfGripes No one can deny it ... they would do this if Poppy allowed it (or if she was real lol)
Caramel Frappe @MiatriSs @YouTube God, I absolutely love the cover! Would you be willing to share artwork of the cover? I would lo…
Caramel Frappe If you're wondering why I am uploading so many pictures of my Khajiit, i'm trying to draw her. It's taking a lot of time to do.
Caramel Frappe @MakeGamingGreat As hilarious as this event is- I cannot lie. That banner looks really polished and amazing overall. Props to the artist!
Prolapse Man @BT_PoliceGirl Shhhhh, because we're French
Prolapse Man #GAcrazytown Well, I can play Katawa Shoujo during commercials I guess, but for now, GHOSTS!
Prolapse Man #GAcrazytown No anime to watch, so #GhostAdventures
Prolapse Man @BT_PoliceGirl wow, you just practically admitted it
Prolapse Man I got Sturbanger in CosmicBreak! I hope its not a waste #cosmicbreakus
Prolapse Man Currently playing CosmicBreak! :P #cosmicbreakus
Prolapse Man I gained 3075 UC in CosmicBreak today! very good #cosmicbreakus
Prolapse Man I gained 888 UC in CosmicBreak today! looky ther #cosmicbreakus