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Susan Arendt @mikesuszek @realbengilbert TESTIFY. (It's really charming trash, though.)
Susan Arendt RT @GraemeManson1: #cloneclub #orphanblack And so it begins. Day one of season 3. Back in action (and on twitter!) #clonesbians http://t.…
Susan Arendt You can state your opinion without being aggressive or hostile. And there's just no need for it.
Susan Arendt I'm really ok if you disagree with me about a game. Disagreement spurs discussion! But I am not ok with you being disrespectful.
Susan Arendt RT @iam_spartacus: I’ve only spoken with the man (now) twice, but @russpitts is good people. Related: you should check out @TakeThisOrg.
Susan Arendt RT @HarringtonVO: Wow! New Fables comic based on The Wolf Among Us!!
Susan Arendt @Futterish Ooo, thanks for reminding me I need to finish that game.
Susan Arendt I am at that place where I still hate working out, but feel gross if I don't. I think that means it's working. Ugh.
Susan Arendt You guys. You GUYS. â€@russpitts: Tiny frog, napping.â€
Susan Arendt I just..dude. Seriously?
Susan Arendt @tillywoden It just gets better.
Susan Arendt @jonathanbolding I again put forth the gospel choir ready to sing "go fuck yourself" on command.
Susan Arendt RT @HistoryVikings: Hearts broken, kingdoms crushed, and lives lost. Own #Vikings Season 2 NOW on Blu-ray w/ exclusive unrated episodes! ht…
Susan Arendt @aegies also relevant to your interests:
Susan Arendt @aegies Well…not *solely*, no. There are cat pics, too.
Susan Arendt @andychalk @greythetick Oh. Yes, that's quite possible.
Susan Arendt @andychalk @greythetick Dude, I love Tron Legacy, what are you talking about?
Gav Wood @bimasakt1 desperate housewives s05e19 fr torrent
Gav Wood @B2_LoncleSerge advanced female masturbation technique
Gav Wood RT and follow @ggtl to win 1 of 6 Skyrim plush helmets, courtesy of Bethesda! Details and terms:
Gav Wood @alexburke1 I know, right? I also have no idea who it was.
Gav Wood smalls
Keane Ng I love progress bars.
Keane Ng @noodlemaine a site shouldn't need an about page. you should know what it is just by looking at it. maybe you're just too dumb!
Keane Ng "I can't believe I ate the entire thing."
Keane Ng Alameda sucks.
Keane Ng I just unlocked the "9 to 5" badge on @foursquare!
Keane Ng @Joygirl007 thanks for that article. it reminded me that i need to go check on my cityville
Keane Ng @cantfakethefunk time-space administration bureau?!
Keane Ng why isn't lebron wearing his headband?
Keane Ng @noodlemaine oh, so their final projects must be to write Onion articles, right?
Keane Ng @bcherry @rodbegbie @elinblesener @catchfoot I hear there's a really good bacon hopping class in the park on Sundays. BYOB, obviously.
Keane Ng @Vahn16 mark wahlberg will make it all better
Keane Ng @cantfakethefunk Its burning grip tells me to defeat you.
Gav Wood @SusanArendt: My brother is currently residing in the rough area of town on "Balaclava Road". Sounds inviting.
Gav Wood Finished a Doctor Nut T-Shirt design!