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Russ Pitts That's terrible. So sorry. â€@therealcliffyb: Hey, man, thanks for killing my friend's baby sister. :( #assholeâ€
Russ Pitts @KyleOrl Wow.Great name.
Russ Pitts @BenKuchera Agreed. Although for some complaining is fun. To me both CES and E3 are like giant toy stores with drinks. Happy chaos.
Russ Pitts @BenKuchera Not much different than games reporters bagging on E3.
Russ Pitts Recording #AAK Podcast with @certis imminently. Questons? Comments? Bad jokes? Hit me.
Russ Pitts One of the most compelling voices in games just got more interesting. Tom Chick, on withdrawing from freelance:
Russ Pitts Alright Sants Row 3, let's do this.
Russ Pitts @patricknorton It's true! I'm one of the founding editors of Vox Media's new games site thing: @voxgames
Russ Pitts This has been the best week. Thanks to everyone who made it special. Especially my new @voxgames peeps and all of you with your support.
Russ Pitts Not even Leelee Sobieski in a bikini could save Glass House. What a wretched film.
Russ Pitts cell phones and Internet have rendered extinct the storytelling trope of kids not being believed by adults.
Russ Pitts @crecenteb @voxgames Don't worry. If you knew how many times I've mangled your name we wouldn't even be talking. ;) (But it was funny.)
Russ Pitts @stranger109 You should be more curious what I have to say about that. ;) @voxgames #video #fingergun
Russ Pitts Concerns a #FF from @crecenteb represent the end of the world allayed after he mispronounces my name on the phone. @voxgames #ONEHAPPYTEAM
Russ Pitts @ohnorosco Mask the depression of getting larger with the joy of buying new clothes!
Russ Pitts @s0osleepie Wow. You're a woman working in games media and no one looked at your chest all day? That's kind of remarkable.
Russ Pitts Genius. â€@epicactual: The "phone stack" is now my New Year's Resolution:â€
Russ Pitts Yeah, getting a #FF from @crecenteb is definitely on my list of bizarre experiences I never expected. Strange times.
Russ Pitts @cantfakethefunk @ecavalli You all look like tiny, little ants with squeaky whispers for voices.