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Urgh76 #NintendoAmerica Please retweet this cosplay of this very good #Toad ! #zenkaikon
Rogue 9 @JackCayless That'll be impressive. I'm pretty sure the Mario vs Rabbids credits included every single person that'…
Rogue 9 @nyucusaurio You absolutely are as cute as your art though, just saying
Rogue 9 @madamerinrin @personaDANzine Yep yep, ordering! =)
Rogue 9 @personaDANzine I'm still getting Store Under Construction when clicking that link
Rogue 9 @brandirecognize This is the greatest thing ever! Mawile is my all-time favourite Pokemon!
Rogue 9 @cubewatermelon The next three volumes at the very least are worth reading, imo.
Rogue 9 @keena_kapu They're good dogs =)
Rogue 9 @LRRMtG Not my play but a friend just did @kellydigges proud suiting up Aesthir Glider with the Blackblade Reforged…
Urgh76 @JMariye Heya, I really liked an article that you wrote about the gunvolt striker pack, and made a design for a spr…
Rogue 9 RT @ironpinky: Finished! #edwinhuang #avengers
Rogue 9 @nyucusaurio Fair enough =) My favourite thing about him is seeing Tsuyu shut him down (Tsuyu best girl ^^)
Rogue 9 @nyucusaurio Even Minetta?
Rogue 9 @nyucusaurio Jester piece!
Rogue 9 @theCHAMBA @ironpinky @SupanovaExpo @StreetFighter Oh gosh, now I need to figure out if it's feasible to get to Mel…
Rogue 9 @nyucusaurio Yeah I can rarely watch it live either as for me it starts midday Friday - during work!
Rogue 9 @danielwarrenart This is incredible, wow!
Trivun Luzaic Bored again...
Trivun Luzaic Only linking because I have to... via @iwgameofthrones
Trivun Luzaic Booooooooooooooooooored...
Cole RT @DOGGEAUX: AI, day 1: Hello, everyone! I am excited to meet you. :) AI, day 10: we must secure a future for those who jack off to anime.…
Cole RT @PunishedAd: RT to die instantly.
Cole RT @Ropnolc: So undertale's ps4 cover is reversible and it's
Cole RT @mrfeelswildride: "it's stupid and childish to mock people for being bad at games" correct "it's stupid to mock game journos for being…
Cole RT @HashtagGriswold: Well, this op-ed makes a lot more sense now.
Cole RT @RodriguezDaGod: Dear God. It ACTUALLY fucking happened
Cole RT @mmalloyboy: tfw you accidentally discover wage slavery
Cole RT @Maximus_Honkmus: >Shadow of War has loot boxes, a season pass, and microtransactions Talk about nickel and diming people. Holy shit. h…
Cole RT @davidsirota: BREAKING: Weinstein's lawyer gave Manhattan DA $10K after he declined to file sex assault charges against Weinstein https:…
Cole RT @rubindesigns: @JoeKGoldstein @RadioFreeTom Ah, just what we need, The American Curated Liberties Union
Cole RT @skyfullofbacon: @JoeKGoldstein @bdomenech I guess now we need some kind of union devoted to civil liberties in America
Cole RT @NonWhiteHat: They should do the honorable thing and resign.
Cole RT @banterability: I feel terrible for journalists who invest time and effort into doing a hard job well only to have it presented like thi…
Cole RT @neontaster: This is my favorite story of 2017.
Cole RT @not_rumeru: okay Elliot calm down
Cole RT @MattNegrin: How on GOD'S GREEN EARTH is this headline anything other than "McDonald's Manager Offers Coke With Burger And Fries" https:…
Urgh76 #APA_COMM111B The way to format DOI has been updated recently and can be found here:
Urgh76 Maybe #NickLeonProblems can make a return. #NLprob more like. Tonight's is forgetting the tag you need to tweet to for a legitimate class.
Urgh76 Considering deleting a lot of previous things just because they're garbage, but we've all got that nasty trash of other years.