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Greg Tito Thanks for having us on!
Greg Tito Nothing is more badass than toddler ballet class. These girls are learning important fighting skills and the bruises prove it.
Greg Tito @mysterywisc @Trevor_WotC @GaryCon That is some worlds colliding stuff right there. I hope to game with you soon so we can trade warstories.
Greg Tito @mysterywisc Wow holy shit. I remember reading the site back then! I liked our redesign but it never rivaled that heyday.
Greg Tito @EvNarc Cool! Excited to see what you bring to i09.
Greg Tito @EvNarc That's awesome! Moving focus away from video games?
Greg Tito I never thought I'd be happy to be back on the west coast but here I am about to see my ladies and quivering with snuggle anticipation.
Greg Tito @TimLanning @CastofThrones Thanks man! I had a blast.
Greg Tito This was super fun! Take a listen if you want to hear us talk about the Game of Thrones S6 premiere in detail.
Greg Tito @GWJRabbit I dig baseball, absolutely.
Greg Tito In semi-related news, I have to get up to catch a plan in 4 hours. Should I just stay up?
Greg Tito Adorable dad just caught a foul ball holding his 18 month old kid in the other hand during this marathon 12 inning Red Sox game.
Greg Tito It was good to stretch my Westerosi muscles. Thanks you guys!
Greg Tito @NoRightTweet I will take it!
Greg Tito I'm watching Game of Thrones in a place that's way cooler than my living room. Thanks @GeeklyInc folks!
Greg Tito Of course Harvey Dent was a gamer.
Greg Tito RT @Sellak: A honest and huge thank you to all the fans of Acquisitions Inc. Your laughter and cheers mean the world to me.
Greg Tito My kid has been asking about this game since we demoed it at PAX Prime. Psyched I get to tell her about it.
Susan Arendt @mikesuszek @realbengilbert TESTIFY. (It's really charming trash, though.)
Susan Arendt RT @GraemeManson1: #cloneclub #orphanblack And so it begins. Day one of season 3. Back in action (and on twitter!) #clonesbians http://t.…
Susan Arendt You can state your opinion without being aggressive or hostile. And there's just no need for it.
Susan Arendt I'm really ok if you disagree with me about a game. Disagreement spurs discussion! But I am not ok with you being disrespectful.
Susan Arendt RT @iam_spartacus: I’ve only spoken with the man (now) twice, but @russpitts is good people. Related: you should check out @TakeThisOrg.
Susan Arendt RT @HarringtonVO: Wow! New Fables comic based on The Wolf Among Us!!
Susan Arendt @Futterish Ooo, thanks for reminding me I need to finish that game.
Susan Arendt I am at that place where I still hate working out, but feel gross if I don't. I think that means it's working. Ugh.
Susan Arendt You guys. You GUYS. â€@russpitts: Tiny frog, napping.â€
Susan Arendt I just..dude. Seriously?
Susan Arendt @tillywoden It just gets better.
Susan Arendt @jonathanbolding I again put forth the gospel choir ready to sing "go fuck yourself" on command.
Susan Arendt RT @HistoryVikings: Hearts broken, kingdoms crushed, and lives lost. Own #Vikings Season 2 NOW on Blu-ray w/ exclusive unrated episodes! ht…
Susan Arendt @aegies also relevant to your interests:
Susan Arendt @aegies Well…not *solely*, no. There are cat pics, too.
Susan Arendt @andychalk @greythetick Oh. Yes, that's quite possible.
Susan Arendt @andychalk @greythetick Dude, I love Tron Legacy, what are you talking about?
shwnbob You know, most people wouldn't stick around in your living room UNINVITED while you take a shower, but not my neighbor. He's unique!
shwnbob Really annoying kid from my neighborhood is waiting downstairs for me... Ugh!
shwnbob It's time to either run the table, or go home empty.
shwnbob Watching American Dad episodes on Netflix... Now this is living.
shwnbob There's a storm a brewing... And I'm outside walking to the mall... I'll probably be fine...
shwnbob A sight for sore eyes to the blind would be quite majestic!
shwnbob Oh life, why you so depressing?
shwnbob I'm on a boat! I'm on the ferry boat! Wheeeeee!
shwnbob RT @AlicornsHeart: Never compare your faults with other peoples. Know yourself first and know that ourselves are different from others. #br…
shwnbob Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaan anybodyyyyyyyyyyy fiiiiiiiiinnnnnnd meeeeeee somebody to looooooooove?