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Caramel Frappe faker lost, but only because blank threw three times, and reminding us that anyone can be challenger if this is how pros play lol.
Caramel Frappe @lilmonix3 Bought the DLC for your game. Thank you for literally blowing my mind with such a great experience- happy to be supporting you!
Caramel Frappe I picked SKT to win their match against AHQ #WORLDS #SKTWIN
Caramel Frappe I picked WE to win their match against LYN #WORLDS #WEWIN
Caramel Frappe Bloodborne Bloodborne (Platinum) All trophies acquired. Hats off! #PS4share
Caramel Frappe @PlagueOfGripes No one can deny it ... they would do this if Poppy allowed it (or if she was real lol)
Caramel Frappe @MiatriSs @YouTube God, I absolutely love the cover! Would you be willing to share artwork of the cover? I would lo…
Caramel Frappe If you're wondering why I am uploading so many pictures of my Khajiit, i'm trying to draw her. It's taking a lot of time to do.
Caramel Frappe @MakeGamingGreat As hilarious as this event is- I cannot lie. That banner looks really polished and amazing overall. Props to the artist!
James Peterson @thecinemasnob That is one wacky carpet pattern. I've rarely seen one that they bothered to cut and fit diagonally.
James Peterson @thecinemasnob What was the payoff like with that film?
James Peterson @aWildBarbas "...we he could be making things better but decides to look at midget porn."
James Peterson "Sky wizard is the creator of all shitty things, mostly he is often sitting watching boring shit online..."
James Peterson Could be time to start the Witcher 3.
James Peterson @NukeLassic No, no, it was a joke. Toilet humour, geddit? Hahaha! Kill meee...
James Peterson @sky14kemea If you can pull a muscle, can you...push a muscle?
James Peterson @NukeLassic *Most respected authors. Bleh.
James Peterson @NukeLassic The existence of "colons" in the works of even the most respected literature proves we've got a long way to go maturity-wise.
James Peterson Maybe this account swears too much.
James Peterson @VG_Dave Owl you taking the piss m80???
James Peterson "It's easy to laugh at a moose on fire."
James Peterson @Unaz Verizon still being the exceptional individual on the bus, I see.
James Peterson Steve Martin, you may never be forgiven for the ultimate crime of killing Inspector Clouseau.
James Peterson @catpic11 Stop eat hand. Hand bad, little fibre.
James Peterson @archon "You got a pencil? Get the fuck in there, it's physics."
James Peterson @sky14kemea Are they rolling out a new arsefuck for their users today? Joyous times!
James Peterson @Slyly_Mirabelle @MissTaxidermy I require the relevant metals to smelt 17 more Dwemer ingots.
James Peterson @FwugRadiation @TronKnotts Oh hi, Toby. What do you do?
Jeff Kennerknecht I love how people think I'm psychic at work. Sadly for them I am not psychic.
Jeff Kennerknecht *stares at blank word* If I stare at it long enough words will appear. That is how writing works.....right?
Jeff Kennerknecht My bro and I are putting together my new desk. It should be rather amusing to watch the two retards put it together.
Jeff Kennerknecht My phone says it's 57 degrees outside. Go home phone you're drunk.
Jeff Kennerknecht I entered to win a WiiU playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate with @theescapistmag Tweet for your chance today! #escMH3U
Jeff Kennerknecht I don't know why but whenever you do a group drawing program it always devolves into sex jokes and drawing turtles.
Jeff Kennerknecht Apparently looking "Too Young" got me docked some points on my mock interview. Sorry I look young dammit, can't do anything about it.
Jeff Kennerknecht My internet is down, looks like I can't play Diablo 3 now because of it. Oh how I hate always online crap like this.
Jeff Kennerknecht So my dad wants me to take a magnet to some old hard drives to brick em. Why do that when hammers are so much more enjoyable?