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Caramel Frappe faker lost, but only because blank threw three times, and reminding us that anyone can be challenger if this is how pros play lol.
Caramel Frappe @lilmonix3 Bought the DLC for your game. Thank you for literally blowing my mind with such a great experience- happy to be supporting you!
Caramel Frappe I picked SKT to win their match against AHQ #WORLDS #SKTWIN
Caramel Frappe I picked WE to win their match against LYN #WORLDS #WEWIN
Caramel Frappe Bloodborne Bloodborne (Platinum) All trophies acquired. Hats off! #PS4share
Caramel Frappe @PlagueOfGripes No one can deny it ... they would do this if Poppy allowed it (or if she was real lol)
Mattias Wait, The Defenders is out in two days? When… did that happen…?
Mattias Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C are great but AAAAHHHHHH
Mattias Me upon seeing a spider on the wall: Congratulations! You are tonight's winner, come get your price! Spider: Oh boy, what do I win? *SMACK*
Mattias Someone in the naming/branding department needs to get fired at BlizzardnetBattleblorb.
Mattias Wait... so Blizzard rebranded to "Blizzard App", then rebranded it back to "Blizzard"?
Mattias @wastaz @OlliCrusoe I was going to make a joke about Gendry rowing in from off-screen but it appears Davos beat me to it.
Mattias @wastaz Tyrion Targaryen, first of his name!
Mattias @wastaz @OlliCrusoe But then he won't be calling people cunts anymore, and that's half the fun :(
Mattias Help. Stuck Reading Game of Thrones theories. Can't stop. Please. Send help.
Mattias @Molly23 @tarantucat Or, you know, whenever you're both available.
Mattias Paging @Molly23 - you need to collaborate and make a Super Awesome Ukulele Showdown with @tarantucat RIGHT NOW.
Mattias I'm really not sure about Jon Snow's plan here.
Mattias Ugh. Again we're a week away from the next Game of Thrones episode. Siiiiigh.
Mattias @capaincool20 @shinn_c_chen @GavinFree Aaaactually, thunderbolt is going to be free to implement next year. It coul…
Mattias @X2Eliah Fruit Ninja - Kitty Edition
Mattias Probably my favorite @tarantucat original so far! ♫♬
Mattias It's just wonderful when you find a mouse corpse and when you pick it up with a shovel the head just... rolls away by itself. #DamnedCats
Caramel Frappe @MiatriSs @YouTube God, I absolutely love the cover! Would you be willing to share artwork of the cover? I would lo…
Caramel Frappe If you're wondering why I am uploading so many pictures of my Khajiit, i'm trying to draw her. It's taking a lot of time to do.
Caramel Frappe @MakeGamingGreat As hilarious as this event is- I cannot lie. That banner looks really polished and amazing overall. Props to the artist!
PedroSteckecilo @SusanArendt Same thing happened to my wife once, just replace "van" with "coat".
PedroSteckecilo @choochoobear Watch put for the trapdoor alligators, they're aggressive this time of year
PedroSteckecilo @ShawInfo why do you suck so bad? On hold 1h >:|
PedroSteckecilo RT @boymonster: PROTIP: Making your magic system centered around sick rapey nonsense isn't mature of you, it's you being a dick.
PedroSteckecilo RT @RubenBolling: NEW COMIC on @BoingBoing: How does Vladimir Putin protect Russia's children? #Sochi2014 #Olympics
PedroSteckecilo @Kathleen_LRR Arnulfini Marriage with Cats! Coronation of Napoleon with Cats! #classicalartwithcats
PedroSteckecilo @loganbonner Considering how great Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix was that's kind of sad
PedroSteckecilo @ZeRootOfAllEvil GORDON'S ALIVE!? #brianblessed
PedroSteckecilo @alinapete Seeya in Edmonchuck!
PedroSteckecilo @loganbonner @snjacobs @boymonster easy when they don't have much of a presence in western Canada