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Jeremy Wilkinson
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Ian Davis @ComicTrash What's the source on this?
Ian Davis #Delta just stranded me in #DTW... Again. This time, they decided to make me foot the bill. No #PAXEast2015 for me, I guess.
Ian Davis @noneconomical Mike gripped his tablet with sweaty palms, unknowing that his life was about to change forever, and not for the best.
Ian Davis Wishing best of luck to all the Escapist/Game Front cast offs. You guys got the chops to take it to the next level.
Ian Davis @roseofbattle I get excited whenever I see your byline in a Polygon article. I like it when I see writers move up in the world!
Ian Davis RT @animaldrumss: Mr President, our secret mind control chemtrails aren't working on this one cool guy, he somehow uncovered our plan using…
Ian Davis RT @ShadowTodd: The Leisure Suit Larry games came out during the AIDS era. I wonder if that's why a game about getting laid has you die con…
Ian Davis RT @phillipten: Let's all just take a moment to appreciate this happening
Ian Davis RT @jonrosenberg: Retweet this to make a gamergater cry
Ian Davis RT @PorygonNews: "On the plus side, it is no longer possible to play The Crew." Ubisoft funds silver lining in PSN downtime
Ian Davis RT @HaroldCramping: @Sketch_Dailies @copicmarker Look out it's JUDGE JUDY! #INKTOBER #DayofDREDD #copicink #JudgeDredd :)…
Ian Davis RT @fanfiction_txt: Obama chuckled. "You mean the Chaos Emeralds?"
Ian Davis RT @Escapist_TXT: Freelancing is pretty much how this shit ended up happening. Freelancers are lame
Ian Davis RT @marshallhonorof: Ladies and gentlemen, denizens of the Federation, you wanted Riker sitting down. I give you: Riker sitting down: http:…
Ian Davis @nmeunier It all comes down to this....
Ian Davis RT @RightlyWired: 4 Least Plausible Conspiracy Theories (That People Actually Believe) -
Ian Davis RT @scottlynch78: Wisconsin is beset by exquisite gray melancholy this afternoon, like someone set the climate control to "Smiths albums."