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Shaun P @mattcolville He'll still have some tricks up his... hand... BUT HE'LL STILL LOSE!
Shaun P @mattcolville As a writer, I get the appeal of seeing a post-Vecna world, BUT, as a viewer, I NEED a good ending.
Shaun P I haven't felt stomach butterflies like this for a LONG time. Can't imagine what it's actually like for those playi…
Shaun P @drizzitdo2 He's in charge of yoga class.
Shaun P @TenacityXl It's a sequel, but usually, people expect something bad from a sequel of an old/cult film.
Shaun P @TenacityXl Ah, this tweet was made after the "Basement Boys" made their first livestream (as for your question, th…
Shaun P @drizzitdo2 Galm is in the hot sauce arena.
Shaun P @drizzitdo2 Yes. They're in the VIP area. The Very Important Penises area.
Shaun P @drizzitdo2 Yes, everything... well, mostly everyONE stays down there. Especially the Yotubers!
Shaun P I believe "Basement Boys" would make a good podcast name. *Wink* *Wink*, *Nudge* *Nudge*
Shaun P @ZeRoyalViking It all depends on the name. Personally, I like the "Backdoor Bois Broadcast" as the name.
Shaun P @Glooba2 Now I want to. Heard it was good from @ChilledChaos, Tom, Ze, and Galm's new Basement/Buttboi/DerpCast/<Insert name> podcast.
Shaun P HOT DAMN, the new Blade Runner 2049 has a lot of good reviews. Got to say, I didn't expect that.
Shaun P @ChilledChaos Pretty girl? No. Pretty, pretty Princess? YES. Yes indeed.
Shaun P It's just damn sad that others are using this crime for their own personal goals or even their own sick sense of entertainment.
Shaun P To the hard working emergency services and personnel in Las Vegas, keep up the good work. With over 500 injured, you're doing God's work.
Shaun P @ChilledChaosBot Yup, but I have no idea where to buy them over here. They don't really stock Halloween stuff in our supermarkets. :/
Shaun P @ChilledChaosBot I tend to link the unpopular candy. Like circus peanuts. But yeah, we need more of it. Halloween should be more popular.
Shaun P @TypicalCritc No. They fly diagonally.
Shaun P @TypicalCritc I... I would... if I had money.
MiracleOfSound RT @Liam_Fountain: Worst Guns N' Roses cover ever
MiracleOfSound Dark Souls gifs are a gift that keeps on giving haha
MiracleOfSound @Empty_Knights Nope, been partying this weekend, maybe next week :)
MiracleOfSound @NoRightTweet @TheChrisPranger You're in for a really good bad time
MiracleOfSound RT @itsDanBull: Making things is a really good way to spend your time cos after you're finished you have a thing you made
MiracleOfSound @V1rax @JimSterling Ah ok. No thats a different one ;)
MiracleOfSound @rewsmusic Ye were fab! :) Hit us up if ye're ever playing Cork
MiracleOfSound @V1rax @JimSterling I loved that area! Were we complaining about it? I dont remember that lol
MiracleOfSound @MrKrisViking I see what u did there :D
MiracleOfSound @missyleigh82 aw, thank you very much :)
MiracleOfSound @Lisertan Definitely that'd be a lot of fun :)
MiracleOfSound @Lisertan @YouTube Thank you! I like those ones too :)
MiracleOfSound @Lisertan @YouTube Can't wait to do an Andromeda one!!
MiracleOfSound Yes, it's a real thing haha, I'm not making it up
Francis @Auxiliary_Bro Tarot cards get me so hard
Francis Which Pirate Warriors do I get?
Francis @passthemstickss Still had some fun
Francis @Xzyliac David Lynch, Zach Snyder, Sam Lake, Todd Howard, Casey Hudson, Suda 51...
Francis #BetterShoesForPornstars