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Paul @Jarathen @Dodge I rarely use Reddit. Feel free to take it and put it there. :)
Paul Inked and I've started to add color. Still have some texturing and shading to do as well. Also, the ninja was a bit…
Paul Hey guys, I can't find my @Dodge Challenger! Has anyone seen my Challenger??? Lol, saw this outside the cinema when…
Paul @translavellan He is a monster
Paul @WAYSHAK It's a very nice hand. Cheers!
Paul RT @WAYSHAK: I like how this hand came out. It's the stupid little things that keeps us artists going. I'm easy that way. #TonerVII http…
Paul @JonMalin You know man, The MAXX is my all time favorite comic series. I loved those books, loved the art, Sam Kiet…
Paul @BrettRSmith76 I am equal parts delighted by this and so pissed that I didn't think of this first! lol Cheers man!
Paul @EthanVanSciver I'm sure you could find one at your local Disney story. Of course, if you want me to pick one up for you, DM me.
Paul Art supply Valhalla. (@ Michaels) #Yelp #Yelfie
Paul @EthanVanSciver Disney store in the mall managed to deliver the Rose even when your Launch Bay Disney World trip l…
Paul So cool that y'all crossed the $130k milestone! Congrats (again) to @DiversityAndCmx @JonMalin & @BrettRSmith76 fo…
Paul RT @FT13thCountdown: 69 Days Till #FridayThe13th
Paul @EthanVanSciver I enjoyed the Disney World stream.
Paul #Thanos #TheMadTitan
Paul And to round out the day on a comic book high, we went to see #infinityWar tonight. It hasn't even been a week so I…
Eric Gage Hey! Remember me? I drew something for the Damsels of DDo. Praise me! I am a special snowflake. #DDoDamsels
Grey Carter RT @shintarokago: ã€æ-¥åãã³ã,¬ãªãã,¤ãã«ã€' è·¯é¢é»è»
Grey Carter RT @shintarokago: ã€æ-¥åãã³ã,¬ãªãã,¤ãã«ã€' ä½"中ã®ç©´ã,'一ãæ€ã«éã,ã¦ã¿ã
Grey Carter RT @shintarokago: ãã£ã¡ãªæ¬ã¯é ã,ã¦èª­ã¿ã¾ã-ã,ã
Grey Carter Imagine the beautiful, complex, isometric Fallout game we could have had during the kickstarter summer.
Grey Carter Are there any comedies which most people think are ... â€" Animal House, Borat, The Hangover, Feris Bueller's ...
Grey Carter When there's so many casuals they begin to warp reality itself.
Grey Carter Today would have been the Fallout franchise's 20th birthday had it not died tragically in 2004. Rest in peace, you beautiful child.
Grey Carter @rpgwhitelock @mode7games *raises hand* If it's the future, why are there still scanlines?
Grey Carter RT @xoxogossipgita: I'm very glad to have a full time job but also my two not-writer friends told me their salaries recently and lol
Grey Carter RT @xoxogossipgita: Sometimes I briefly remember a follower telling me he thought freelance games writers were paid thousands of dollars pe…
Grey Carter RT @the_mcgone: *record scratch* *freeze frame* [Unintelligible Raccoon Voiceover]
Grey Carter RT @ivesen_: @GreyTheTick why did I start calculating how many sex offenders this would make I need to STOP
Grey Carter Though that's assuming that you a sex offender can be within one mile of itself.
Grey Carter Assuming you position them correctly, that's not actually that many sex offenders.
Grey Carter *áµ-áµ' áµÊ¸ áµá¶¦á¶áµ
Grey Carter All of my artists get paid in EXPOSURE*
Grey Carter RT @LyleMcDouchebag: "Yum yum, delicious exposure" Said the hungry content creator, about to dig into a big bowl of EXPOSURE
Grey Carter @KusyTv Oh it's definitely horror. And he's written a fair few that aren't.
Grey Carter "Hey, Jiro, what are we gonna' call our science fiction anthology?"
Eric Gage I would swear that I saw an IMDB entry for @GroovyBruce as Pete in Zootopia a couple days ago. Is it The Quick & The Dead all over again?
Eric Gage Wow. DDoCast is 400 episodes old! Nice work Patricia! Carrying on for Sigourney and Andrew Treant and for Jenny Snooks before that!
Eric Gage @schlising I haven't seen your book in my mailbox. Let me know when. I'll toss in a towels so it doesn't bleed on my other mail.
Eric Gage @Lessah @WaltsWorker Clankenbeard spends more time married than playing DDo. I may not be the best candidate. But, I'd give it a shot.
Eric Gage @geoffhanna @SamiusGurobo No. That is exactly how I was using those words. *shudder* How do you even sit down when you are wearing a barrel?
Eric Gage @schlising Hey Don! I tried to show someone today. The domain name is parked and showing nothing. Sumpthin' up?
Eric Gage @SamiusGurobo Why on earth would you want a tattoo of a character/caricature of you in a barrel? Are these the desperate times?
Eric Gage @schlising Show me THE BEAST! Glad to hear your sci-fi bone grinder is getting published. Gimme details as the become available.
Eric Gage @SamiusGurobo,try to finish up whatever you are doing out there by 6pm. That's when Quincy (the normal stalker) shows up for me and @Lessah.