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Graham Stark @JacobGGoodman Bumblebees, not honey bees.
Graham Stark Update: Bees removed. Fun fact! This was a particularly large colony of bumblebees (around 100 of them), and they…
Graham Stark @Ashiok_N_Beaver High volume, low power. Traps them but doesn’t hurt them.
Graham Stark @DeathKoala1 Naw these were friendly bumbles
Graham Stark Turns out it was one absolute unit of bees. Size of these lasses.
Graham Stark There’s a man in the Moonbase bathroom with a vacuum and protective suit.
Graham Stark @Richard41102452 Oh, Quebec doesn’t like the French
Graham Stark @Hero31211 Haven’t seen it yet.
Graham Stark @bmkibler @magicprotour There’s nothing in the rules that says a dog can’t play Magic
Graham Stark @CleverCrumbish @WakeUpSuper “Guys we NEED to stop him before he gets to 8 manaâ€"oh well we muffed it”
Graham Stark Oh right I shot a “morning coffee making” montage that was supposed to open that random Wednesday vlog, but I forgo…
Graham Stark @Les4233 @BenHUlmer I truly don’t know. Please don’t tell me.
Graham Stark @ComradeMik Hi! TBH, I welcome people to @ me all the time, even with criticism. But in the case your message, thank you!!
Graham Stark @TreeVor7 Right???!? (to note: still am not spoiled, have not seen it)
Graham Stark @ParagonRocky I assumed that was the case
Graham Stark @NewtonsNinja Well, again, if you’re not gonna draft and are going to spend your 1000G on a booster ANYWAY, then it…
Trivun Luzaic Bored again...
Trivun Luzaic Only linking because I have to... via @iwgameofthrones
Trivun Luzaic Booooooooooooooooooored...
Rielle★ RT @Ally_Kayyy: Being an adult is pretty easy. You feel tired all the time and tell people about how tired you are and they tell you how ti…
Rielle★ @AnotherNecro i feel like gw & gw2 have been ahead with a lot of things. not perfect, but still a great innovative mmo
Ch4llen RT @ExclusiveBooks: Statement from Exclusive Books CEO, Benjamin Trisk, on #ThePresidentsKeepers.
Ch4llen @LeetBee I've been saving up gold to just use that. Bit disappointed in this expansion cards i got in the preorder
Ch4llen @LeetBee No chance i paying for that though
Ch4llen It's finally friday
Ch4llen @the_krans_ A lot of the places are in sanctuary, Restaurant at Vergelegen not bad or Espana is also good but thats more to Sbos side
Ch4llen @the_krans_ Also if you feel like greek, simply greek is awesome too. You guys in swes this weekend?
Ch4llen @the_krans_ Casa wel des, Casa bella, Craft
Ch4llen @LeetBee Invoker cataclysm.
Ch4llen @LeetBee Have you seen the new cataclysm ability?
Ch4llen This can't be unseen
Ch4llen RT @IronStormcloak: Me trying to convince friends to go out...
Ch4llen @jessmanim @Nick_Frost No no. Point will only be allocated if you post a selfie. Veganism is part of a different package
Ch4llen @Nick_Frost Sounds like vitality: 10 points first Thursday, 5 points Shack visit, 20 points Lion head climb. Need a…
Ch4llen @Marijkexrukia @the_krans_ How can one be expected to go from wine to office?
Ch4llen @Nick_Frost @darrynvdwalt @LiezelTee @kellyVN How does it work that 1 BTC = $7145 and 1 BTC = R100 000 but Luno shows 1 BTC = R114 000?
Rielle★ @HatinIsAHabit nooooooooo don’t trust it
Rielle★ RT @FocalOfficial: Last chance - #AssassinsCreedOrigins Win 1 Listen Wireless #ACOrigins #headphones + 1 video game Follow @FocalOffici…
Rielle★ y’all starting the christmas season on Nov 1st are monsters.
Rielle★ RT @Boogie2988: Please check your kids candy very carefully. I found a copy of no man's sky taped to a Reeses cup.