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Natahn Not feeling well after getting into some leftover Hawaiian sweet rolls last night
Natahn Today just isn't turning out to be a good day at all...
Natahn I earned the Time For An Upgrade badge for Visual Studio Achievements #VSAchievements via @ch9
Natahn @LAKings I think I might smell another sweep...
Natahn Win a Transformer Pad Prize Pack from @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra to celebrate TegraZone’s first birthday! â€" #android
Natahn @AndroidPolice Indeed I did. Hopefully something for the random shut downs after using an app with video and/or sound.
Natahn Must focus on work, not the two seats on the glass to tonight's Wranglers game... this is going to be a long day.
Natahn Case sensativity, my arch nemesis. We meet again!
Natahn Challenging the Next Wave of System Engineers via @dzone
Natahn entertaining read.
Natahn House plant staying to climb up a broom, i think that means we need to sweep more.
Natahn Putting the months into a 0 based array on a getMonth() makes me die a little, on the inside...
Natahn Getting me some good eats (@ Genghis Grill)
Natahn The library at work.
Natahn This is pretty amazing, kinect like system without using cameras:
Natahn VS 2011 is defintely starting to look better:
Natahn Using varchar fields as dates exclusively should be illegal, or at least worthy of a good flogging.
Natahn For those that have played ME3, this made me chuckle quite loudly:
karakedi @lotro Dernhelm
karakedi @lotro The Anduin, at the Gladden Fields.
karakedi @lotro Landroval, Elendilmir, Crickhollow, Imladris
karakedi @lotro Eleventy-one (111). Not yet to the level of the Old Took, but getting there.
karakedi @lotro Meneldor, the brother of Gwaihir
karakedi @lotro It was Meneldor, not only a current server but the one in beta back in 2006-7.
Sapience What no warlocks? :) RT @JerrySnook: I am hoping for a level 1 bard, but a sorcerer or wizard will be cool too.
Sapience .@jerrysnook So a little Snook.... kinda like a... Snookie? :) *ducks*
Sapience @TheCMList Just remembered, I owe you guys an article! #badrick
Sapience @strolltomordor Correct. You have to join with each character.
Sapience Where was this info when I could have used it?? RT @GuyKawasaki: Nirvana fans most likely to put out on first date
Sapience No matter how my day goes I'm always thankful that I have an amazing job, work with awesome people and love every minute of it! #thankful
Sapience @sera_brennan @adammersky @OSuzie @Frelorn @KyleHorner Relax, I think the "firey eye of mersky" is just a bad case of pink eye.
Sapience Ut oh, @adammersky is now following me. Sorry guys, no more mersky jokes. :)
Sapience Haldir! RT @lotro: Quick Question: Legolas or Haldir? #LOTRO
Sapience @Alyssa_Milano count me in. *waves iPhone like a bic lighter*
Sapience @Din0dessa Really? How did you not know this? He was on St. Elsewhere, too. (With Howie Mandel no less)
Sapience This seemed like the right place to share this nugget of info: Did you know April is international Twit award month?
Sapience @aggonzalez Well, Doc Brown was going to, but the Chinese Government just banned him.
Sapience @aggonzalez Right after it became 3:59. :)
Sapience . @middleEarthnews Could be worse. $666 is the exact amount of my refund check. I don't know that I want to risk cashing it!
karakedi @lotro golf of course, hence 'golf-imbul'
karakedi I voted for The Behemoth (@thebehem0th) in Round 1 of @TheEscapistMag's March Mayhem Tournament! #escMM
karakedi I voted for Remedy (@remedyalerts) in Round 1 of @TheEscapistMag's March Mayhem Tournament! #escMM
karakedi I voted for Neversoft (@GuitarHeroDevs) in Round 1 of @TheEscapistMag's March Mayhem Tournament! #escMM
karakedi I voted for Media Molecule (@mediamolecule) in Round 1 of @TheEscapistMag's March Mayhem Tournament! #escMM
karakedi I voted for Team ICO (@TeamIco) in Round 1 of @TheEscapistMag's March Mayhem Tournament! #escMM
karakedi I voted for Quantic Dream (@QuanticDream) in Round 1 of @TheEscapistMag's March Mayhem Tournament! #escMM
karakedi I voted for Mojang AB (@notch) in Round 1 of @TheEscapistMag's March Mayhem Tournament! #escMM