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Jacob Martin You might go out of your way to share your feelings today, but... More for Capricorn
Jacob Martin RT @austinkleon: Daniel Clowes on the financial freedom of making comics vs movies:
Jacob Martin RT @culturepulp: That thing where you dream about looking at other people's drawings that don't really exist, wake up, and realize, "Wait, …
Jacob Martin RT @arthur_affect: The Cat Lady is a totally different kind of game than Depression Quest but also awesome #DepressionAwarenessWeek http://…
Jacob Martin RT @arthur_affect: Worth tweeting this game for #DepressionAwarenessWeek even if it's predictable
Jacob Martin RT @Punmastah: THANK GOD - You'll Be Able To Buy Your Own BB-8 Droid via @Dorkly
Jacob Martin RT @beatonna: Redrew this sketch for the new book as well! Austenmania is dead they say, long live Brontemania
Jacob Martin Conquered By Clippy is of course the best of this dank meme erotica subgenre, based on pure originality and obscenity alone.
Jacob Martin The amazing covers to these pulpy miracles are of course their biggest draw, they're short and don't overstay their welcome.
Jacob Martin I know I'm late to the bizarro Kindle Erotica bandwagon but I'll admit I'm a bit tantalised by the possibilities of these 'tingles'.
Jacob Martin You can tell that my stabs at paranormal bromance are sincere because my name isn't CHUCK TINGLE.
Jacob Martin Literature is mutating into something obscene.
Jacob Martin RT @Keltainen: I feel that this is challenging bra wire as the best murder weapon. #conan
Jacob Martin @the_moviebob wasn't this what Jurassic World is warning us about?
Jacob Martin RT @TheDscherman: In Germany, there is no punishment for a prisoner who tries to escape from jail b/c it is a basic human instinct to be #f…
Jacob Martin I just got my iMac repaired from the Genius Bar so I've had to reinstall a bunch of programs all over again, I'm not being lazy, honest!
Jacob Martin Of course, that'll be after my current project, a take that's too hot to handle, too cold to hold...
Jacob Martin I should really do a hot take on how the 'corn belt basic' caricatures from Tina Fey sitcoms resonate with my Antipode Queensland background
ky RT @FiveThirtyEight: Cuba needs 480,000 extra tourists next year to make up the fiscal hit just from the recent drop in oil prices. http://…
ky @beBlueberry she's so big! :O
ky @beBlueberry i love both these cats!
ky RT @FiveThirtyEight: In one survey, 56% of French respondents don't consider Muslims part of society. 31% say the same about Jews. http://t…
ky @beBlueberry ok! at least jail will make me eat regularly
ky @beBlueberry I know that meal
ky @aviroberts not without also radically reconstructing the medical establishment!
ky @owlsbuttley ppl w/ vulvas and women are 2 separate groups and ppl can be one but not the other so i guess keep that in mind I guess?
ky @owlsbuttley yeah sry I had to kind of just guess at the context!
ky @owlsbuttley reproductive rights maybe? if what you're talking about is reproductive health. otherwise maybe there isn't?
ky RT @aviroberts: @kyblot *Taken voice* I have a very particular set of skills, which renders me unemployable
ky @beBlueberry well she is an inventor
ky @anatomizing D: plz take care friend
ky what happened to all the good baby cartoons. I need a Muppet Babies or Rugrats parody of Taken, a movie series I've never seen.
ky @kyblot this idea has now evolved into Taken guy as a small child
ky "I have a Particular Set of Skills. Can someone come and tie my shoes"
ky "I have a Particular Set of Skills. I never learned how to ride a bike. "
ky now im thinking about Taken guy having trouble with everyday tasks because his Set of Skills are so Particular
ky @owlsbuttley I haven't seen them either and if anything I think that's to our advantage
James (I prefer jimmy) Bronson they're exhausted and broken... and probably Mich happier than me....
James (I prefer jimmy) Bronson I had a dry throat... Sonny Ebsary ,you can never say I don't suffer for my art...
James (I prefer jimmy) Bronson Sugar Daddies are like 9/11 but for your teeth.
James (I prefer jimmy) Bronson One day the pilot thought he would try walking, but after several seconds of falling, regretted his decision #OneSentenceStories
James (I prefer jimmy) Bronson "Don't start this shit again!" said the guy working on my fecal powered car with his face in front of the exhaust #OneSentenceStories