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Emilee @LunaKayne @kizletwiggle And when I'm scared I can curl up and people will leave me alone
Emilee @agnesbookbinder Ahhhhhhhh a hoggy
Emilee @BagginsSuperCat I'll be the big spoon!
Emilee @RatRace123 FLOPPY BUNS
Emilee @SStar_Queen Ahhhhhh so cute!! â¤â¤
Emilee @FamoFunk Awwww he's a lil cutie too, wook at his widdle nose!
Emilee @Fyremancer I wanna kiss his beans
Emilee @hellokassanova OMG they're beautiful
Emilee @imquitegood I'm glad you know not to do that. Stay strong x
Emilee Really really down. Please send cute animals
Emilee THIS x 1783u4949393
Emilee Mood has taken a gigantic dive, anxiety and jealousy really kicking in.
Antitonic Fighting Back 2017: RUMBLETHON! Event Information, Questions & Everythin...
Antitonic RT @AndyCole84: I'm not sure this is accurate.
Antitonic RT @PlanetofFinks: alternative history idea: a world where there were other turning points in history besides ww2 and the civil war
Antitonic RT @RetroArchetype: In the second Home Alone movie, Kevin just throws bricks at the Wet Bandits. What the hell Kevin? You run out of clever…
Antitonic RT @mikeVSphilly: Have to imagine even the ones who don't collect figures may grab this one
Antitonic RT @Alldogsaredead: Concept: a mashed potato fast food place where they fill your mashy tatoes with like cream cheese and bits of ham and l…
Antitonic RT @DUNSONnDRAGGAN: >NEW GAME Tales from the Undead Flooring Princesses You are a level 1 Dad. You have 9HP. You are in the car park.
Antitonic @Valkyrie_Lemons Would I technically apply to this? I'm well, just getting over a viral laryngitis. Made work and…
Antitonic @loadingreadyrun Wowie, that sucks. Making sure I've got all my ducks in a row, then gonna drop a load on you. ...…
Antitonic RT @concavetriangle: don't ask me questions while i'm sick. all my answers will be extra true or extra false and that's dangerous
Antitonic RT @Sorrowscopes: Gemini: Your unheard screams echo through the catacombs. The high priest inspects you with greedy delight. His smile is l…
Antitonic RT @Polygon: If you find yourself missing Danny Phantom, creator Butch Hartman has you covered.
Antitonic RT @TWTFSale: Who would win in this pillowcase's matchup of Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Jesus?…
Antitonic @azninsect It's partially the crowd, but more the competitive-ness. Good thing I'm not near the city. :P
Antitonic @azninsect I wish I liked the Esports thing more. Seems like a good time.