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wordsmith @waidel5 @calex Give me a shout when you've got a second?
wordsmith @ZeRootOfAllEvil how does it feel to know you have food that's older that @Danny_Ocean?
wordsmith RT @innocentdrinks: #dadjoke Jokes about herbs and fish. There's a thyme and a plaice.
wordsmith @ultimate_wagner #xenophobe #stickitupyourcountry
wordsmith @ultimate_wagner in many cultures it's a compliment to the chef. #learnsomeculturefuckhead
wordsmith @ultimate_wagner baggit so hard, bakers want to find me #thatshitcray
wordsmith @peck_ed @zincjsy #bagitandchess #funlunch #hashtagsgavemecancer
Danny Ocean RT @WstonesOxfordSt: BOOK FACT: You are 83% more attractive when reading a book in public.
Danny Ocean RT @ftcreature: When you flip a picture of bats hanging upside down they become exceptionally sassier. #truestory
Danny Ocean @LawRevueGirls Cool! What do you think of kyriarchy theory?
Danny Ocean @LawRevueGirls oh lol I just got it. Are you parodying the perception of feminism too?
Danny Ocean @LawRevueGirls I meant principally- "Don't generalise" > "*generalises*"? O.o
Danny Ocean @Pipe_Down God you're boring. Change the record why don't you? I'll be talking sociological theory with someone more interesting.
Danny Ocean RT @Forbes: The terrifying search engine that finds internet-connected cameras, medical devices, baby monitors & power plants:…
Danny Ocean @jesscrandall K! I'll be watching Dad3 and not fretting. :)
Danny Ocean RT @NewYorker: RT @BorowitzReport: G20 Ends Abruptly as Obama Calls Putin a Jackass
Danny Ocean @YoureAnUtterNob Don't you have something better to do? I've got a plane to catch.
Danny Ocean @jesscrandall D'oh. This is too awkward. You have a spam email account or something?
Danny Ocean @jesscrandall How do I do that I suck at twitter. >.>
Danny Ocean @Riiiannee It's the difference between saying how things are and saying how I think things SHOULD be. I am saying how they are. Not agreein
Danny Ocean @Riiiannee Oh, well, since you apparently know more about my views than I do, I guess that's that.
Danny Ocean @Riiiannee Guys "have to" because of others, not because I think they should. It's a fine hair, but it's one I'm careful to split.
Danny Ocean @Riiiannee Yes. They have to because society as it is pressures them to be a certain way. I do not think this is fair, and neither do you.
Danny Ocean @jesscrandall And so on. Think of anything which puts people 'above' others and you've found yourself an axis of social space.
Danny Ocean @jesscrandall They might be poor, like 'un-classy' things. They might hold certain political views. They might be gay. (2)
Danny Ocean @jesscrandall This is the intersectionality part. In one dimension, they are on top, but in others they are at the bottom. (1)
Danny Ocean @Riiiannee The thing to note is that you are actually construing it as dressing "like a boy" rather than dressing "in jeans and a shirt."
wordsmith @DreamHack What is your policy on stuff sticking up on top of tables? The Jersey group have a plan if we're OK to bring a projector screen..
Magnus I nominate @CarrieHFletcher for a Shorty Award in #uk because she's wonderful.
Magnus I nominate @slomozovo for a Shorty Award in #videoblogger because he is a creative genius and has taught me so much.
Magnus Mental note: Do not shave while you're still technically under the influence.
Magnus @jacksfilms Many Youtubers have work outside just Youtube. How do you manage to get enough money to make a living?
Magnus Sleep 6 hours = Tired. Sleep 14 hours = Tired. Sleep 9 hours = Tired. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?
Magnus First time I've genuinely touched my Twitter account in forever. For what reasons I can not fathom.
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Magnus @SaloSelin Haha, oj, lååångt xD
Magnus @SaloSelin Mjo, det är sant! Btw, var i Sverige bor du? o:
Magnus @SaloSelin Äsch då, opera har väl sin charm, hehe ;)
Magnus @SaloSelin För det mesta rätt tung metal, så lite motsatsen till The Ark kan man säga... xD
Magnus @SaloSelin Ooooh :) Ja, det gör jag, lyssnar dock inte lika aktivt på dom! ^^
Magnus @SaloSelin Fortfarande? Hur visste du att jag gjorde det förr? o:
Magnus @SaloSelin Hejhej, du skrev till mig på Tumblr. :)
wordsmith @jerseyesports it's Mariokart time! Come and see Wordsmith if you want to sign up!
wordsmith @jerseyesports - download Empire Earth II from Nestea on DC++, game starts Soon (TM)
wordsmith @Jerseyesports - Free air guitars available from under Conor's desk. Everyone go and crowd him
wordsmith @jerseyesports step 1) Install DC++, Step 2) connect to the usual server, Step 3) download millions of win -->
wordsmith Good morning, @jerseyesports ! Come down to the Le Creux Scout Hall in St Brelade for lulz and games!