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Graham Stark @JacobGGoodman Bumblebees, not honey bees.
Graham Stark Update: Bees removed. Fun fact! This was a particularly large colony of bumblebees (around 100 of them), and they…
Graham Stark @Ashiok_N_Beaver High volume, low power. Traps them but doesn’t hurt them.
Graham Stark @DeathKoala1 Naw these were friendly bumbles
Graham Stark Turns out it was one absolute unit of bees. Size of these lasses.
Graham Stark There’s a man in the Moonbase bathroom with a vacuum and protective suit.
Graham Stark @Richard41102452 Oh, Quebec doesn’t like the French
Graham Stark @Hero31211 Haven’t seen it yet.
Graham Stark @bmkibler @magicprotour There’s nothing in the rules that says a dog can’t play Magic
Graham Stark @CleverCrumbish @WakeUpSuper â€Guys we NEED to stop him before he gets to 8 manaâ€"oh well we muffed itâ€
Graham Stark Oh right I shot a â€morning coffee making†montage that was supposed to open that random Wednesday vlog, but I forgo…
Graham Stark @Les4233 @BenHUlmer I truly don’t know. Please don’t tell me.
Graham Stark @ComradeMik Hi! TBH, I welcome people to @ me all the time, even with criticism. But in the case your message, thank you!!
Graham Stark @TreeVor7 Right???!? (to note: still am not spoiled, have not seen it)
Graham Stark @ParagonRocky I assumed that was the case
Graham Stark @NewtonsNinja Well, again, if you’re not gonna draft and are going to spend your 1000G on a booster ANYWAY, then it…
Yaxley RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Good luck penetrating my internet
Yaxley @legobutts â€Parents, why did you name me Fiammetta?†â€TO PROTECT YOU!†â€From what?†â€WE AREN’T SURE!â€
Yaxley @alexsteacy Want to feel young? June Foray started voice work in the early 1930s. She won her first Emmy in 2012 at age 94.
Yaxley @Yax Or I just fixed it by plugging in a pair of headphones and then unplugging them. Because why WOULDN'T that work!?
Yaxley So my PC just randomly decided it was no longer interested in producing sound. Sorry, Wednesday Me, this problem probably falls to you.
Yaxley #PostYourFavouriteStarWarsCharacters
Yaxley So @jelkimantis made me play Emily is Away and I was physically sick to my stomach over how closely it mirrored my actual experiences.
Yaxley RT @SciencePorn: Science vs. Humanities degree
Yaxley Poop is hilarious in the abstract. Once it's on your hands, the chuckles wind down. I don't fault parents for hiring babysitters.
Yaxley I'll never be a billionaire, but if I were, the first thing I'd do is never touch shit again. Japan makes toilet seats that do it for you.
Yaxley So I guess Zuckerberg posted a pic of him changing his daughter's diaper and people think it's humanizing? I mean, I sure, that's a thing.
Yaxley RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Trying to figure out how they faked this
Yaxley @Graham_LRR I really enjoyed the first episode and would like to see more.
Yaxley @thatlaurachick I did notice that, but I was hoping to be sappily thankful in a Google hangout. Is that okay? *puppy dog eyes*
Yaxley @TheCaterjillar Snark is a hell of a drug.
Yaxley @TallysTreasury Très élégant
Yaxley @loadingreadyrun Please get @ErikaMoen to play The Bionic Dildo in a super hero Crapshot.
Yaxley My eyes went O . O so often, I think my eyebrows are in another state. Amazing.
Yaxley RT @TheOnion: Planned Parenthood: Myth Vs. Fact
Yaxley @keab42 Does that include the rind, or no?
Matt @DandyGeek @foxmar320 @DeusParnel @TemjinZero Whoa. Whoa. That’s.. Wow. They clearly didn’t see there was someone parked there, hey?
Matt First photo; early Saturday morning. Second photo; few minutes ago (Sunday morning). They literally swapped spots.
Matt @kristenlanae @SuperHeroStuff Your sister has your previous hair!
Matt @RonaldFrankPrad @YahooGames I’ve had a fairly poor view of Ben Kuchera ever since his PAReport days.. But he’s nailed it here. He’s right.
Matt RT @RonaldFrankPrad: Batman: Arkham Knight is the latest release to give the finger to people who buy at launch via…
Matt @legobutts Right before my birthday WHAAAAT. :D
Matt @Fader209 @Star5eed I wish I still had the pictures! XD The entire top left corner was bleeding green & the centre was much darker..
Matt Well that got dark. Also, punctuation is the best. Because I do not wish to eat grandma. Nopenopenope.
Matt @Fader209 @Star5eed Luckily the retailer delivered a replacement for free and it actually works. XD
Matt @Fader209 @Star5eed Samsung do TVs very well, I’ll give â€em that! Their other products though? Lolololol. They cannot fridge.