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Josh @projoriongame is streaming live at! Check it a look at our latest alpha. #gamedev #indiedev #ProjectOrion
Josh The game I've been working on for the past year is up on Kickstarter!
Danny Ocean RT @WstonesOxfordSt: BOOK FACT: You are 83% more attractive when reading a book in public.
Danny Ocean RT @ftcreature: When you flip a picture of bats hanging upside down they become exceptionally sassier. #truestory
Danny Ocean @LawRevueGirls Cool! What do you think of kyriarchy theory?
Danny Ocean @LawRevueGirls oh lol I just got it. Are you parodying the perception of feminism too?
Danny Ocean @LawRevueGirls I meant principally- "Don't generalise" > "*generalises*"? O.o
Danny Ocean @Pipe_Down God you're boring. Change the record why don't you? I'll be talking sociological theory with someone more interesting.
Danny Ocean RT @Forbes: The terrifying search engine that finds internet-connected cameras, medical devices, baby monitors & power plants:…
Danny Ocean @jesscrandall K! I'll be watching Dad3 and not fretting. :)
Danny Ocean RT @NewYorker: RT @BorowitzReport: G20 Ends Abruptly as Obama Calls Putin a Jackass
Danny Ocean @YoureAnUtterNob Don't you have something better to do? I've got a plane to catch.
Danny Ocean @jesscrandall D'oh. This is too awkward. You have a spam email account or something?
Danny Ocean @jesscrandall How do I do that I suck at twitter. >.>
Danny Ocean @Riiiannee It's the difference between saying how things are and saying how I think things SHOULD be. I am saying how they are. Not agreein
Danny Ocean @Riiiannee Oh, well, since you apparently know more about my views than I do, I guess that's that.
Danny Ocean @Riiiannee Guys "have to" because of others, not because I think they should. It's a fine hair, but it's one I'm careful to split.
Danny Ocean @Riiiannee Yes. They have to because society as it is pressures them to be a certain way. I do not think this is fair, and neither do you.
Danny Ocean @jesscrandall And so on. Think of anything which puts people 'above' others and you've found yourself an axis of social space.
Danny Ocean @jesscrandall They might be poor, like 'un-classy' things. They might hold certain political views. They might be gay. (2)
Danny Ocean @jesscrandall This is the intersectionality part. In one dimension, they are on top, but in others they are at the bottom. (1)
Danny Ocean @Riiiannee The thing to note is that you are actually construing it as dressing "like a boy" rather than dressing "in jeans and a shirt."
Josh @TekSavvyNetwork Is there a service outage in Ottawa currently?
Josh RT @dakami: "The real problem of humanity is the following: we have paleolithic emotions; medieval institutions; and god-like technology ...
Josh Google Glass: The beginning of the future. #io12
Josh Microsoft #Surface. Coming Soon.
Josh Looks like Apple's conference is starting soon, my feed is now full of #WWDC
Josh #Skyrim save files corrupted as #Dawnguard details emerge, so much to do before #Dawnguard hits PC!
Josh @L1_am Thought about NFC-based store checkouts? It would save retailer's tons on cashier salary.
Patrick sorry for the lack of tweets. been playing ac brotherhood lol best game ever
Patrick lol oh man so much new shit. get your own news, im still playing new vegas.
Patrick Fucking New Vegas. HURRY UP.
Patrick now employed :D
Patrick ive been sick literally ALL WEEK
Patrick KOTOR from @biofeed is now only $2.50 on @steam_games - there is no excuse for NOT getting it.
Patrick at dad's house having an amazing dinner prepared. Whatta feast.
Patrick @Microsoft just have to say that Windows 7 is amazing. I just upgraded from XP and its so much more convenient.
Patrick brand new Acer Aspire laptop :D
Patrick Playing some nice Plants vs. Zombies @popcap_games
Patrick @YahtzeeCroshaw really doesn't like Kayne and Lynch 2
Patrick DJ Hero 2 is fucking sweet, nice work @activision_
Patrick First day of school... Shit.