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John Funk RT @evilsharkey: WaPo: The president shat himself. White House: The president would never shit himself. Trump: I SHAT MYSELF ON PURPOSE Ev…
John Funk RT @JYSexton: I mean. He just tweeted it. Like it was nothing. Like, it was just another Tuesday. 4/4
John Funk RT @JYSexton: And it's so strange. Last year there were those of us who were all over this story and being called paranoid. And now...this?…
John Funk RT @JYSexton: It's just so bizarre. As an independent journalist you work crazy hard hoping something will fall into your lap and...he twee…
John Funk RT @JYSexton: Hey, so don't get me wrong. I am incredibly happy that the president's son, um, tweeted out proof of collusion. 1/
John Funk RT @JYSexton: I'm not entirely convinced I'm not having a break from reality.
John Funk RT @JYSexton: Like. I spent hours and days and weeks and months. And his son just, hit tweet.
John Funk RT @JYSexton: I...worked on this story for a year...and...he just...he tweeted it out.
John Funk RT @JYSexton: I chased this story for a year and he just...tweeted it out.
John Funk RT @JYSexton: This is the dumbest and biggest crime in the history of American politics. There's not even a close second.
John Funk RT @JYSexton: He didn't just write that it was Russia helping. He wrote "government." What. Is. Going. On.
John Funk RT @JYSexton: Lawyer: I think our best defense is to admit there was collusion and provide proof. Junior: Done and done.
John Funk RT @JYSexton: I don't think it ever occurred to journalists to just ask one of the Trump's for proof of collusion. In retrospect that feels…
John Funk RT @JYSexton: I just met you / And this is crazy / If you're interested in collusion / Call me maybe?
John Funk RT @JYSexton: I tracked down sources. Followed so many dead leads. Labored over this. And then, he just, you know, tweeted out the proof.
John Funk RT @ZeddRebel: A fucking email. Karma exists.
John Funk RT @JoshSchwerin: You have to love that Rob Goldstone wrote an email saying the Russian gov wants to help beat Hillary and then checked in…
John Funk RT @WesleyLowery: There are 3 groups more confident in police than they were pre-Ferguson: white people, conservatives, Republicans https:/…
John Funk RT @the_moviebob: A fun experiment would be to take Bernie Sanders speeches, have a black woman deliver them, and see what Blue Collar Amer…
Susan Arendt @mikesuszek @realbengilbert TESTIFY. (It's really charming trash, though.)
Susan Arendt RT @GraemeManson1: #cloneclub #orphanblack And so it begins. Day one of season 3. Back in action (and on twitter!) #clonesbians http://t.…
Susan Arendt You can state your opinion without being aggressive or hostile. And there's just no need for it.
Susan Arendt I'm really ok if you disagree with me about a game. Disagreement spurs discussion! But I am not ok with you being disrespectful.
Susan Arendt RT @iam_spartacus: I’ve only spoken with the man (now) twice, but @russpitts is good people. Related: you should check out @TakeThisOrg.
Susan Arendt RT @HarringtonVO: Wow! New Fables comic based on The Wolf Among Us!!
Susan Arendt @Futterish Ooo, thanks for reminding me I need to finish that game.
Susan Arendt I am at that place where I still hate working out, but feel gross if I don't. I think that means it's working. Ugh.
Susan Arendt You guys. You GUYS. â€@russpitts: Tiny frog, napping.â€
Susan Arendt I just..dude. Seriously?
Susan Arendt @tillywoden It just gets better.
Susan Arendt @jonathanbolding I again put forth the gospel choir ready to sing "go fuck yourself" on command.
Susan Arendt RT @HistoryVikings: Hearts broken, kingdoms crushed, and lives lost. Own #Vikings Season 2 NOW on Blu-ray w/ exclusive unrated episodes! ht…
Susan Arendt @aegies also relevant to your interests:
Susan Arendt @aegies Well…not *solely*, no. There are cat pics, too.
Susan Arendt @andychalk @greythetick Oh. Yes, that's quite possible.
Susan Arendt @andychalk @greythetick Dude, I love Tron Legacy, what are you talking about?
Jordan Deam RT @Agent_YaElMoon: apasilo-_- "@lale2310: Agent_YaElMoon Vielman"
Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw Meanwhile, highest economic growth this century was during 60's postwar reconstruction. Puff the Magic Dragon was released in 63. EAT IT
Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw And as many have reminded me, thank you, The Hobbit was published during the Great Depression (1937)
Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw Skyrim's a grey area but you certainly have to kill a lot of dragons in that. Also consider WoW Cataclysm, Dragon's Dogma and Guild Wars 2.
Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw Recession ended in 02. Eragon published in 03. Next recession starts in 08. Dragons mainly pricks ever since.
Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw As in, during a recession they're all greedy hoarding assholes we have to kill but in a boom they're gentle noble protectors and shit
Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw I'm working on a theory that the treatment of dragons in popular fantasy reflects on the state of the global economy at the time
Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw A Zero Punctuation twelve months in the making (except not really)
Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw My new year's resolution is to tweet more. Here's a column I wrote about reinventing the wheel:
Matthew McLuhan @SeinfeldToday Kramer accidentally invents dubstep. Jerry searches for a Blockbuster Video in order to return a dvd.