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Rob Ayling RT @GreyTheTick: The first thing we're going to do to stay true to this adaptation of a film set in Japan is cast a non-Japanese actress as…
Rob Ayling @BlizzardCS Would really be loving an offline mode for D3 right about now...
Rob Ayling I entered to win a free @Diablo Treasure Goblin Pack, and you can too! #GreedIsGood
Rob Ayling @Cardboard_Crack is giving away ZEN fetch lands and #MTG comic books! Find out more at
eternal-chaplain @femfreq liked it too, though it's with the same motion that a dog was added as a character. And it was the dog that was shjown at E3 ... :?
eternal-chaplain RT @femfreq: Here is a thoughtful video response to my first Damsel in Distress trope episode by @the_moviebob:
eternal-chaplain RT @peta: EYEWITNESS: Elephant was beaten until she screamed at #KellyMillerCircus. PLEASE RETWEET & #BoycottTheCirc…
eternal-chaplain RT @Polygon: It's time for more leading women
eternal-chaplain RT @TheMarySue: Looking For Help With Rape Threats On @Xbox Live? Prepare To Be Frustrated.
eternal-chaplain Haven't backed @PhoenixJRPG on KS yet, but I'm super happy to see it almost meet its goal in just one day! Support is encouraging.
eternal-chaplain RT @numberless: This is crazy, fucked up shit happening in our world TODAY.
eternal-chaplain RT @Polygon: 'The Mario Opera' returning for one night, and maybe more
eternal-chaplain RT @PhoenixJRPG: Launch! Our Kickstarter campaign is now live! >> Search Project Phoenix
eternal-chaplain Now waiting for @PhoenixJRPG to blossom. Will be beautiful, no doubt. ^w^
eternal-chaplain RT @gamasutra: Video: Gender in game narrative, and what we lose by ignoring it
eternal-chaplain RT @Polygon: Dysfunctional Systems visual novel ported to iOS
eternal-chaplain 10 of the Worst Terror Attacks by Extreme Christians and Far-Right White Men | Alternet
eternal-chaplain RT @callmepartario: while i'm sorry that we are not in for our first Doctor played by a woman or PoC this winter, i'm glad Moffat will not …
eternal-chaplain RT @UnrulyMobTX: "@beardedstoner: Just googled "hungry," "pizza," and "beer." Hoping NSA takes the hint."
eternal-chaplain RT @PeppermintOS: Run OSX Apps on #Linux with Darling @PeppermintOS #Peppermint #OSX
eternal-chaplain RT @femfreq: I just reported two more alarmingly specific and graphic rape threats I received today. Waiting to see if @Twitter ignores the…
eternal-chaplain As my list of terrible people we will be better off without grows, they grow older and older...#BennyHinn, please. PLEASE hurry. I hate you.
eternal-chaplain RT @SuperMeatBoy: like indie game the movie? well now theres 100+ more min of new content + new commentary by us!
Rob Ayling @katiejrice Just watched #Stripsearch finale and want to say congratulations! Been rooting for you since the beginning. I need a tissue now.
Rob Ayling If I just refuse watch the latest episode of Strip Search, then both @AbbyHoward and @tavismaiden get to stay, right? #Don'tLeaveMe
Rob Ayling RT @JimSterling: Sorry Microsoft, did you say when I buy a game and input a code, I have your PERMISSION to play it? Your PERMISSION? Oh fu…
Rob Ayling @the_moviebob Not sure if linking straight to my Facebook post is a good idea, but here's my One parody anyway.
Rob Ayling @the_moviebob Challenge accepted.
Rob Ayling RT @Matt_LRR: We want the Xbox One to be your one-stop-shop for all your entertainment - unless you’re entertained by xbox or xbox 360 game…
Rob Ayling xbox reveal recap: voice command, sports, sports, car sports, non-gameplay, Spielberg & Halo, more sports, and CoD WITH DOGS. #xboxreveal
Rob Ayling More sports?! C'mon, may as well call this the Brobox One at this rate. #xboxreveal
Rob Ayling Can I get some gameplay footage with my live action and rendered cutscenes? #nextbox
Rob Ayling RT @Matt_LRR: You know what else has 3D crowds and exciting sports? SPORTS. Let’s see some VIDEO GAMES.
Rob Ayling @montiray Thank you so much for this print Monica! Framing it asap. Meeting you in person made my weekend. :)
Jack and Calumon @JourneyTH @OnyxOblivion I had just came from playing Uncharted to playing that though, so I might just be comparing it to Uncharted.
Jack and Calumon @JourneyTH @OnyxOblivion Sound ideas, but sloppy execution. That's my opinion.
Jack and Calumon @JourneyTH @OnyxOblivion "Fuck that fucking shit! Fuck those fucking guys, shit them up, motherfucker! Bastards, fuck you!" All the dialogue
Jack and Calumon @JourneyTH The gold man, the gold. It just makes it aesthetically pleasing to the head. And Hengsha is just a stunner.
Jack and Calumon @JourneyTH @OnyxOblivion Okay, that one is the most evil one ever. Kane and Lynch was a fucking atrocious game.
Jack and Calumon I mean, it was 4 years ago. We've had other beautiful games come out now. Uncharted 3, Crysis 2, Deus Ex, RAGE.
Jack and Calumon With the news that MGS4 is getting trophies, I'm now wondering about whether it's still the game with the best graphics ever l remember.
Jack and Calumon @OnyxOblivion I imagine one could work with someone on that now and just boost their way there.
Jack and Calumon @OnyxOblivion Wait, holy shit, what you just said is actually news. Oh God+ yes, oh dear god yes. Give me another reason to play it Kojima!
Jack and Calumon @JimSterling Oh my god, I'm having flashbacks about that advert. The knocking, the annoying voice, the layering sounds... I am worse off now
Jack and Calumon @OnyxOblivion Eh, Kojima wouldn't ask us to get the stupid hard to get ones. He didn't in the HD collection.