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Arvind Fascinating article about the similarity between indie games and the impressionist movement:
Arvind I need a simple GUI tool to make .deb packages for Linux, add an icon to it, that kind of thing. Does anything like this exist?
Arvind RT @RerollGaming: Whistleblower should have learned from Outlast to produce something truly terrifying. I'm not sure it's...…
Arvind RT @SomeIndieGames: And here's Will Fight For Food on BSIG:
Arvind RT @SomeIndieGames: Just played through Will Fight For Food. Despite some utterly broken mechanics, this was well worth it. Good stuff, @py…
Arvind RT @pyrodactylgames: Unrest Developer Stream - May 2014: via @YouTube
Arvind RT @caraellison: THE ONLY OPTIONS IN LIFE
Arvind RT @S0phieH: "We have switches in the game, how should the player interact with them?" "The player has a sword, so..." "Oh, duh! Of course!…
Arvind RT @danthat: Indie Advice: why you probably shouldn’t make a multiplayer game pls RT if it's of use& you can SEE THR…
Arvind RT @twincannon: nice write-up on my buddies @arvindrajayadav and @baronlez 's upcoming game Unrest -
Arvind RT @RerollGaming: @arvindrajayadav Don't worry, you haven't gone full @Vlambeer yet :P
Arvind @RerollGaming Phew. For a second I thought I was in the middle of a cloning debacle.
Arvind @RerollGaming What game is this? :O
Arvind RT @JollyFuchsia: Check out the coverage of @arvindrajayadav 's work by Edge Magazine
Arvind RT @pyrodactylgames: To be honest, I was very nervous when I saw the headline. Had a friend read it for me first.
Arvind RT @pyrodactylgames: Will Fight for Food is 96% of the way to the top 100 on Greenlight. Please vote and share, not long left to go! http…
Arvind RT @SimoRoth: Not really a fan on Youtubers asking for a share of sales revenue... :/ When did this become a thing?
Arvind RT @will_luton: How many F2P devs does it take to change a lightbulb? One 15 minutes. Or instantly for two gems.
Arvind @NickCapozzoli I liked your Broforce assessment, the "satire boomerang" part is spot on I feel.