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President Bagel
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Caramel Frappe faker lost, but only because blank threw three times, and reminding us that anyone can be challenger if this is how pros play lol.
Caramel Frappe @lilmonix3 Bought the DLC for your game. Thank you for literally blowing my mind with such a great experience- happy to be supporting you!
Caramel Frappe I picked SKT to win their match against AHQ #WORLDS #SKTWIN
Caramel Frappe I picked WE to win their match against LYN #WORLDS #WEWIN
Caramel Frappe Bloodborne Bloodborne (Platinum) All trophies acquired. Hats off! #PS4share
Caramel Frappe @PlagueOfGripes No one can deny it ... they would do this if Poppy allowed it (or if she was real lol)
Liz Finnegan RT @BrianPShea: *Crosses fingers for Colonial Marines 2*
Liz Finnegan @unmundig I would be honored
Liz Finnegan RT @unmundig: If I win the lotto and make a live action Magic School Bus series I want @TheGingerarchy to be Ms Frizzle.
Liz Finnegan @lejawaaa Oh nice!! I got this one for my little girl :) Might not be the most badass ink I have, but it's definitely my favorite
Liz Finnegan RT @McJesse: No, YOU spent Labor Day weekend putting Michael Meyers into the background of Activia commercials.
Liz Finnegan RT @itsjustolmos: "Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me."
Liz Finnegan RT @CutPics: That escalated quickly.
Liz Finnegan @johncheese This is very good content
Liz Finnegan RT @johncheese: I wonder if that woman from the Two Princes song ever just went ahead now.
Liz Finnegan RT @GunsOfIcarus: Played #FindingGOIA at #PAX and won a #medal? Upload your selfie to twitter and tag it #GOIA so we can RT you cuties! #PA…
Liz Finnegan @darinjk2 @TurretMob @darniil No one. Please, don't expect a lot.
Liz Finnegan @TurretMob @darniil @darinjk2 In my defense, so was everyone else. I was just better at it.
Caramel Frappe @MiatriSs @YouTube God, I absolutely love the cover! Would you be willing to share artwork of the cover? I would lo…
Caramel Frappe If you're wondering why I am uploading so many pictures of my Khajiit, i'm trying to draw her. It's taking a lot of time to do.
Caramel Frappe @MakeGamingGreat As hilarious as this event is- I cannot lie. That banner looks really polished and amazing overall. Props to the artist!