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FPLOON #StarWarsTaughtMe One of the great music genres of the galaxy is none other than Jizz! @midnight
FPLOON The Fyre Festival was like the DashCon of music festivals for rich people... If only they had a ball pit to compensate for the main event...
FPLOON It's time to switch up the console game with a Nintendo Switch giveaway! Just enter here: "" Thanks, @TheEscapistMag!
FPLOON Me: Does #Riverdale have secrets or sinners? Riverdale: "Both... I have layers..." Me: #WhatTheHellRiverdale I almost bust a gut with that!
FPLOON The "better-late-than-more-late" unboxing of the Take Your Heart Premium Edition of Persona 5...
FPLOON Clerks 2 Broke For Another Big Budget Sequel To A Cult Classic #BudgetMovies @midnight #latenighttweet
FPLOON Retweeted Studio Saizensen (@saizensen_EN): It's Studio Saizensen Week! Deep discounts, up to 70% on Steam, as...
FPLOON RT @saizensen_EN: It's Studio Saizensen Week! Deep discounts, up to 70% on Steam, as well as Stream Events and a Giveaway! Learn more: http…
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FPLOON Speed 2: Over Dose #DrugMovies @midnight
FPLOON Morgan saw through Richard's genjutsu and made him pay the iron price... Then, Carol begins to pull a John Wick. #TheWalkingDead #FreshBuzz
FPLOON Carson Who #PresidentialTVShows @midnight
FPLOON Kremlin Show on CC #PresidentialTVShows @midnight
FPLOON The New Presidential Apprentice #PresidentialTVShows @midnight
FPLOON The Guardians of Cornholio: The Bunghole #OneWordOffBooks @midnight
FPLOON If You Give A Mouse A Bong #OneWordOffBooks @midnight
FPLOON The Phantom SexBooth #OneWordOffBooks @midnight
FPLOON I AM my side chick? #MyLoveLifeIn5Words @midnight
FPLOON Trapped in the Phantom Zone! #MyLoveLifeIn5Words @midnight
FPLOON Rock Paper Scissors Hand Jizz #MyLoveLifeIn5Words @midnight
Insertclevername @TanookiKuribo I believe that plastic color degradation comes form being laid out in the sun.
Insertclevername @Deicidus1 @BroTeamPill At least he went back to finish up his masters at "suck my cock" after all those years.
Insertclevername RT @brutalcumpowder: I don't agree with it, but @Tee_toes's take on Dark Souls 3's callbacks to the rest of the series is worth a watch! ht…
Insertclevername @brutalcumpowder @tee_toes Anor Londo's presence to me felt like revising a fraction of our DaS1 adventure but now in a sorry state.
Insertclevername @brutalcumpowder @tee_toes I feel like I'm the only guy who liked the callbacks. I felt like they were thematically relevant to it's theme.
Insertclevername @action_pts Nice, heard that brand is pretty good.
Insertclevername RT @fordsweater: "Should we give the professor a beard or chest hair?" Yeah
Insertclevername @action_pts So...what brand and model?
Insertclevername Food for thought on inclusivity in games
Insertclevername RT @megaloltaku: every day we go further from god's light.
Insertclevername @TanookiKuribo you can almost get like an egg sandwich at Dunkin donuts for those prices.
Insertclevername @Mendinso I believe "cringe inducing drivel" is the words you're looking for.
Insertclevername @Vidmusc @KendamuZ @TanookiKuribo @nothingbutcrust there's one in my building that's opened till 3 but I don't burn 1k cal like Josh so...
Insertclevername @superbunnyhop @KawlunDram @StarBomber @zeroasher Tails is in the grassy knoll. Scissors. 61.
Insertclevername @KendamuZ @TanookiKuribo @nothingbutcrust also NY style pizza typically have big slices so it makes sense to just get one slice.
Insertclevername @KendamuZ @TanookiKuribo @nothingbutcrust those usually suck btw... Had to get that out there
Insertclevername @KendamuZ @TanookiKuribo @nothingbutcrust Pizza will the be celebratory meal, I assume?
Delicious Anathema Eating an Oreo for the first time in 4 or 5 years.
Delicious Anathema Using a new toothbrush after using the old one for 5 years is so weird.
Delicious Anathema Exfoliated my feet. Had a workout.
Delicious Anathema Just came back from seeing Inception. LOVE HOLLYWOOD MOVIES.
Delicious Anathema Kittens are my handicap. My heart just melts.
Delicious Anathema My acne is finallly giving up. I thought I was reverse-aging.
Delicious Anathema Writing a cyborgs vs vampires script. Dunno where that's gonna go.
Delicious Anathema A dying plant has been put outside in the garden as a last resort. It's so sad...
Delicious Anathema I'm seeing Back To The Future in DVD for the first time and I noticed that the McFly girl in the future is M.J. Fox. My waters just broke.
Delicious Anathema @dinoadani I'm a legs man, does that mean I'm doomed?