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Rebecca Mayes What to have for dinner? I buy food but they don't make meals of themselves
Rebecca Mayes @byronicman No I wasn't thinkin of Ste, was obviously too dizzy to see properly in my dancerholic high. I'm gonna quit soon. After tonight
Rebecca Mayes @byronicman Ah, thanks! I am blogging about them. My memory is that you were at the bar not moving at all but I am willing to be corrected
Rebecca Mayes @byronicman Hello, what's the name of the band who played gamecity on friday night? You and I exchanged pleasantries at the bar did we not?
Rebecca Mayes @PaulGovan Gamepeople take over the dancefloor armed with glow sticks
Rebecca Mayes Just back from my gamecity adventure. Will tell all soon. For now here's my Starcraft II review
Rebecca Mayes @marmaladegirl Thanks! Was lovely to meet you
Rebecca Mayes @bbodd yer I had a great time. I think I was the last to leave...
Rebecca Mayes @byronicman Whereabouts on the dancefloor were you positioned? I would have danced with you if you'da asked. Was a great night!
Rebecca Mayes I've finished! Just handed the title music over to @ADAMATOMIC we are all set. I must say, it's pretty cool. Here comes my creative high yay
Rebecca Mayes When @ADAMATOMIC is good he's very good. I can't wait to play this game!
Rebecca Mayes Two hours into my live soundtrack challenge. I've created 1 min of music :-&
Rebecca Mayes Starcraft2 vid all finished, will be out friday. It's odd. I'm getting my bags packed for @gamecity and my soundtrack challenge. cu there?
Rebecca Mayes I am eating oatcakes, houmous, and an apple. How did this happen?
Rebecca Mayes Just imagine I were to make a video of a song reviewing Starcraft II (crazy idea) what would you want to see?
Rebecca Mayes Your thoughts on Starcraft II?
Rebecca Mayes Rebecca to create gaming soundtrack live and play acoustic set don't miss it