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Urgh76 #NintendoAmerica Please retweet this cosplay of this very good #Toad ! #zenkaikon
Urgh76 @JMariye Heya, I really liked an article that you wrote about the gunvolt striker pack, and made a design for a spr…
savageoblivi0n @ThatTCP you're welcome, sorry to hear things haven't improved yet
savageoblivi0n Another night, more @PUBG, less rage this time, (i hope)
savageoblivi0n gonna play some more duos, this time sober, maybe less mistakes will be made? I doubt it though, we're too dysfunct…
savageoblivi0n late night boozy pubg duos, let's do this!
savageoblivi0n aaaaaaand sometimes they don't
savageoblivi0n sometimes things just work
savageoblivi0n Gonna do some PUBG duos and maybe some other stuff, OW? Payday? who knows, I don't plan these things
savageoblivi0n I've just watched the first episodes of Food Wars...this is going to be the state of my brain for the foreseeable f…
savageoblivi0n Live playing some PUBG with @CaptainNub666 at, co-stream goodness (or potato) begins now!
savageoblivi0n @CaptainNub666 just doin what he does while the rest of us try to get things to survive... smh...
savageoblivi0n @SKSPlays Sorry to hear, hope it goes well
savageoblivi0n RT @KW_erion: if this gets 500 retweets @GhostfromTexas will dye his beard pink! @WatchMixer
savageoblivi0n RT @qtperdu: Remember how I said I don't steam anymore? Yeah... that's about to change in a few min.
Magne @hol0ship Hey. Saw this was posted 3 days ago. Feeling better?
Emilee @LunaKayne @kizletwiggle And when I'm scared I can curl up and people will leave me alone
Emilee @agnesbookbinder Ahhhhhhhh a hoggy
Emilee @BagginsSuperCat I'll be the big spoon!
Emilee @RatRace123 FLOPPY BUNS
Emilee @SStar_Queen Ahhhhhh so cute!! â¤â¤
Emilee @FamoFunk Awwww he's a lil cutie too, wook at his widdle nose!
Emilee @Fyremancer I wanna kiss his beans
Emilee @hellokassanova OMG they're beautiful
Emilee @imquitegood I'm glad you know not to do that. Stay strong x
Emilee Really really down. Please send cute animals
Emilee THIS x 1783u4949393
Emilee Mood has taken a gigantic dive, anxiety and jealousy really kicking in.
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @wolfenstein: Make America Nazi-Free Again. #NoMoreNazis #Wolf2
Magne RT @ORACLEofETH: If #Litecoin gets back to $57 by tomorrow... I will send 10 LTC to EVERYONE that RETWEETS this -Warren Buffett
Urgh76 #APA_COMM111B The way to format DOI has been updated recently and can be found here: