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Irridium RT @foxygrandpa62: now let's see how Squidward prepares for HIS shift...
Irridium RT @BandaiNamcoUS: A free update for Dragon Ball FighterZ (X1, PS4, PC) is coming May 9th Including two new features: FighterZ Cup and Par…
Irridium RT @ningiou: i get so happy whenever i look at this gif my favorite thing is Tom saw Chris do the pause he JUST IMMEDIATELY KNEW WHAT TO D…
Irridium @StevenBeargal @Aldowyn @mololabo @Varewulf @OsminaDeveraux by having a bunch of dorks as friends :P
Irridium RT @Shoyoumomo_: DOWN #DragonBallFighterZ
Irridium RT @leyawn: i don't think theres any video game that couldn't be improved by adding mechs to it pokemon: pikachu in a mech stardew valley:…
Irridium RT @sdpowell1: Honestly this could be the subtitle of *every* Shakespearean comedy.
Irridium @Varewulf oh that one yeah that one's a pain in the ass. you *can* dodge it but the range on it when it hits the ground is hard to read
Irridium @Varewulf if it's the one AoE i'm thinking of where they're floating in the air for a while and it's unblockable yo…
Irridium RT @WhiteTheVII: Critical hit animations in Fire Emblem
Irridium RT @Nibellion: When you read people's tweets about how much they enjoy Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze but know exactly what kind of hell await…
Irridium RT @Matt_Read_NZ: You mean the story about the super eccentric rich guy that treats his workers poorly?
Irridium RT @adultblackmale: big congratulations to my cat for getting herself stuck between the sliding glass door and the screen door…
Irridium RT @gawdcompIexx: White people when the 911 operator asks what the black suspect is doing.
Irridium RT @PerfectLegend: Man what is going on here
Irridium @miracleofsound how dare you call me out for playing this for 8 solid hours today. and yesterday. and the day befor…
James Czerwik-Hampshire RT @FreakinClever: Ahahahaha at everyone at SGDQ cheering at a ten thousand dollar donation, then just groans when they announce it was Not…
James Czerwik-Hampshire @Oli815 Mate that's been me all weekend, needed it after this past fortnight
James Czerwik-Hampshire RT @SiRenshaw: Jacob Rees-Mogg is not amusing. Jacob Rees-Mogg is cruel, deplorable and dangerous.
James Czerwik-Hampshire RT @ManuclearBomb: this my all time favorite tweet now
James Czerwik-Hampshire @BabyGotBell What if I believe the earth is flat simply because it's not fizzy?
James Czerwik-Hampshire RT @OriginalPSP: Man, Serena Williams is a true bad ass!
James Czerwik-Hampshire RT @ashleyjaycooper: Spider-Man, Spider-Man Does whatever a spider can Uses violence to stop a theft So much for the tolerant left
James Czerwik-Hampshire @JimSterling Shit dude, hope all goes well
James Czerwik-Hampshire RT @4eyes_: I found this in a charity shop. It used to sing a tune, now all it says is "Skin"
James Czerwik-Hampshire RT @shyabang: 미ì³ë²ì-¬ã... ã... ã... ã... ã... ã... ã... ã... ã... ã...
James Czerwik-Hampshire RT @atDavidHoffman: All I'm saying, since I'm tagging @realDonaldTrump, is that every comment or retweet of this image appears on his twitt…
James Czerwik-Hampshire @MrRicce @BabyGotBell @Jim_Trinca Wait, which Moffat finale are we describing?
James Czerwik-Hampshire @IanHigton OR looking for obscure IPs nobody's heard of to reboot, giving you more 'Games you've never heard of' material ;)
James Czerwik-Hampshire @Flora__Flora My twitter feed is meant to only contain educational/medical diagrams of male genitalia, I shan't hav…
James Czerwik-Hampshire @Flora__Flora What is this filth on my twitter feed
James Czerwik-Hampshire @TheJC223 She clearly hasn't met me then
James Czerwik-Hampshire @eurogamer I was told it was due to low stock allocation when I put down my deposit :/
James Czerwik-Hampshire @pillowfort @drinkrelaxplay Already slammed down the fifty quid At least it's money off the price I'll be paying later I suppose...
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Josh Loomis еÑе молиÑ,ва
Josh Loomis ЯйÑо золоÑ,ое
Josh Loomis ÐоÑле его заверÑениÑ.
Josh Loomis Рмоей перÑоне ÑлабÑй пол
Josh Loomis Ð-вÑком взорвеÑ,ÑÑ
Josh Loomis Ð'ÑпÑÑ...неÑ, ÑвеÑ, - погаÑнеÑ, ÑвеÑ,
Josh Loomis ливни вÑпоминаеÑ, дождÑ
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Josh Loomis Хаги одеÑ,Ñ ÐºÑÑÑ,Ñ