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Jennifer Anderson I must have something subconsciously against French presses. I've broke two in a span of two months and I have to buy another one now.
Jennifer Anderson I like this band a lot and it's pretty folky at times.
Jennifer Anderson Having just tried to walk without a crutch or knee scooter was a success. A slow and limpy one, but I'll take it
Jennifer Anderson So, walking. Something that I never thought I would be so happy to kinda sorta do again.
Jennifer Anderson @miracleofsound Tell me about it. I know people back home that pull that shit and, while they're good people, I hav…
Jennifer Anderson Made some hydrophones. Gonna see what they sound like in a bit once the glue dries and settles.
Jennifer Anderson @miracleofsound Having since moved out of the US, yeah. It's been screamingly apparent to me and I just worry that they don't care.
Jennifer Anderson Three solder burns later, I made some stuff. Gonna gingerly grab a beer and call it a day.
Jennifer Anderson Gonna make some hydrophones today, so let the soldering begin.
Jennifer Anderson Played the demo of Last Epoch, and, yeah, it has some optimizing issues. But I can see where they are going with th…
Jennifer Anderson So, the Twins lost and Juventus lost, but Arsenal won. I shouldn't be all that surprised about the Twins, but fuck'…
Jennifer Anderson Holy shit balls, Dozier. #MNTwins
Jennifer Anderson Fun fact: Cutting fresh onions with only having one good leg makes hobbling away while crying for the joys of sight…
Jennifer Anderson Day three of re-learning how to walk: chicken leg ain't happy but it can deal.
Jennifer Anderson I don't really care for death metal in general, but damn is Dethklok bangin'.
Jennifer Anderson I'm constantly amazed at people's ability to function before coffee. I mean, I've had to re-write this sentence and…
Jennifer Anderson Oh damn, God of War comes out tomorrow. I almost forgot about that. It looks so good with beardy Kratos.
Jennifer Anderson Walking again is really weird now.
Jennifer Anderson I'm allowed to walk again! Huzzah! 50% weight on it for now, but still!
Trivun Luzaic Bored again...
Trivun Luzaic Only linking because I have to... via @iwgameofthrones
Trivun Luzaic Booooooooooooooooooored...
Jamie @Lost_inthe_Void And yet I can eat a box of matchmakers, a burger, portion of chips, 8 chicken nuggets and half a p…
Jamie RT @TheDaiIyPuppy: There's space in the bath for all of us
Caramel Frappe faker lost, but only because blank threw three times, and reminding us that anyone can be challenger if this is how pros play lol.
Jamie RT @cambrian_era: "Female soldiers just aren't realistic," I explain, as a loot crate drops onto the beaches of Normandy and teaches me the…
Jamie RT @HiddenXperia: There is literally a challenge in WWII for watching people open supply drops... What the flying fuck…
Jamie @netitheyeti I'd say go with that or hunter then. Hunter iirc is a bit more fast paced to play, but you're gonna be…
Jamie @netitheyeti Tbh, I tried the Titan in the beta and it sucked for me, felt too...slow. I rocked Warlock which felt more fun.
Jamie @netitheyeti Warlock is your 'healer', Titan is your 'tank', hunter is your 'DPS'. The choice doesn't really matter too much though.
Jamie >Swap shift with co-worker. >Get call from work. >Co-worker can no longer cover shift. >MFW I'm the only one appare…
Jamie RT @EdmondTran: Daily mission in Call of Duty: WWII--"Watch people open loot crates." WELCOME TO VIDEO GAMES IN 2017.…
Jamie @AndyCMills Because fuck you, is why.
Jamie Game is fucking fun though.
Jamie So I stumbled into WolfenMetro and a Nazi performance of Thriller playing Wolfenstein 2.
Jamie @EeveeHearts Never, you can't make me! *Flees*
Jamie @EeveeHearts Wow, you disgust me. Carrot cake. What a terrible flavour!
Jamie RT @OverwatchTXT: 4 upsetting Overwatch images
Jamie RT @WriterRaven_: Streaming my #NaNoWriMo writing in about 20 minutes or so. Come say hi!
Jamie @Lost_inthe_Void If I donate extra, will you play Destiny 2?
Jamie RT @SovietWomble: Lulu was chilly after her bath, so I popped an old electric heater on. Now she's mesmerized. I think she's worshipping th…
Jamie RT @A_W_Gordon: There is a basketball player with the same name as me. This person is upset with me because of it.
Emilee @LunaKayne @kizletwiggle And when I'm scared I can curl up and people will leave me alone
Emilee @agnesbookbinder Ahhhhhhhh a hoggy
Emilee @BagginsSuperCat I'll be the big spoon!