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Trivun Luzaic Bored again...
Trivun Luzaic Only linking because I have to... via @iwgameofthrones
Trivun Luzaic Booooooooooooooooooored...
Neonbob Yep. All that emotional bracing and I still wasn't ready for Tennant to go.
Neonbob I'm nearing the end of David Tennant's run in Doctor Who...I'm not ready for him to stop yet.
Aengus RT @TheOnion: Americans Hopeful This Will Be Last Mass Shooting Before They Stop On Their Own For No Reason https:/…
Aengus RT @BasedDrWorm: holy shit the new cover art for LA Noire is WAY BETTER than what it was originally launched with
Aengus @OnyxOblivion The greatest problem with DS2 is that there's no Balder Side Sword. BSS for life!
Aengus @OnyxOblivion I tried all of the katanas and they really aren't worth it. They aren't particularly fast, long, powe…
Aengus @OnyxOblivion I've been playing it this last two weeks. I've played 176 hours. Probably not worth it tbh.
Aengus RT @kurtruslfanclub: disappointingly realistic
Aengus That seems to show how often men's mental health problems aren't diagnosed.
Aengus "45% of the women were worried about their mental health, compared with 38% of the men" -…
Aengus @EeveeHearts @SexySassyfrassy Nah you've got to get your whole house carpeted super nice so you can do one at any time.
Aengus I just want to hold a controller while I watch For a Few Dollars More. They should make games that only appeal to me.
Aengus Red Dead Redemption 2 isn't just a playable Spaghetti Western. My interest is already going down.
Aengus @FamoFunk I was lucky to only experience turkey twisters once before the controversy. As if the rest of the primary…
Aengus @FamoFunk @QomradeDan Thick straight hair is wonderful until I let the sides grow out too long and I look like an A…
Aengus @FamoFunk Apparently brownies are healthy if you stick a trace amount of beetroot in them and add it to the name.
Aengus @FamoFunk My secondary school got Jamie Oliver AND a big expensive renovation a few years later, and it still serve…
Aengus @FamoFunk @QomradeDan Thank you for letting me feel smug about never needing to use conditioner at all. Makes me fe…
Neonbob @jephjacques I know you've got to have ads on the site, but these jagoffs make it impossible to read your comic.
Aengus @OnyxOblivion But he's so edgy! He has a SCAR!
Aengus @OnyxOblivion It's totally fine as a co-op action shooter, definitely the best Lost Planet, but it's such a strange…
Sky C. Devine That uhh.. that isn't a trolley/shopping cart...
Sky C. Devine @SexySassyfrassy why would Redlin do that to himself
Sky C. Devine @SexySassyfrassy who are the new meat? I deleted my bookmark ages ago :v
Sky C. Devine I was gonna leave for work early but then the cat sat on my legs.
Sky C. Devine @AndresIndoril I MISREAD THAT AS "I SHOULD COCK"
Sky C. Devine I'm really good at getting a solid 4th place in this FFA death matches in Overwatch
Sky C. Devine I'll beback. I know where you MIGHT live, kitty
Sky C. Devine Curses. Foiled again
Sky C. Devine I went to get food and she disappeared. Its like that hedghehog all over again
Sky C. Devine Guess its time to try kidnapping a cat :v
Sky C. Devine Theres some uber thin cat on the above road and i dunno if shes abandoned or just has a medical condition
Sky C. Devine Having said that if anyone is looking to hire a country-ish singer then I'm fully available
Sky C. Devine it's kind of annoying how my voice really does seem to suit country-ish songs when I prefer to sing pop >.>
Sky C. Devine @ZeRootOfAllEvil hhhhow dare you sir. Ive never stoned in my life
Sky C. Devine can cats look exhausted? 'cause loki looks like a stoner that hasnt slept all night
Sky C. Devine @RavingPenguin your shady merchant was invisible but I fucked him up. youre welcome x
Sky C. Devine @RavingPenguin he gunna die :v ... tomorrow
Sky C. Devine @RavingPenguin Where does he live >:C
Yureina Well that was fun. And so my watch begins again, for the last time. One more season... and the zombies are coming! #GameOfThrones
Yureina @Scaramucci Either "The Mooch" now sees his former boss for what he is, or him quoting this is comedy gold at his e…
Yureina Well that was a fun mission beyond the wall. I don't think it was worth it though... #GameOfThrones