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James Peterson @thecinemasnob That is one wacky carpet pattern. I've rarely seen one that they bothered to cut and fit diagonally.
James Peterson @thecinemasnob What was the payoff like with that film?
James Peterson @aWildBarbas "...we he could be making things better but decides to look at midget porn."
James Peterson "Sky wizard is the creator of all shitty things, mostly he is often sitting watching boring shit online..."
James Peterson Could be time to start the Witcher 3.
James Peterson @NukeLassic No, no, it was a joke. Toilet humour, geddit? Hahaha! Kill meee...
James Peterson @sky14kemea If you can pull a muscle, can you...push a muscle?
James Peterson @NukeLassic *Most respected authors. Bleh.
James Peterson @NukeLassic The existence of "colons" in the works of even the most respected literature proves we've got a long way to go maturity-wise.
James Peterson Maybe this account swears too much.
James Peterson @VG_Dave Owl you taking the piss m80???
James Peterson "It's easy to laugh at a moose on fire."
James Peterson @Unaz Verizon still being the exceptional individual on the bus, I see.
James Peterson Steve Martin, you may never be forgiven for the ultimate crime of killing Inspector Clouseau.
James Peterson @catpic11 Stop eat hand. Hand bad, little fibre.
James Peterson @archon "You got a pencil? Get the fuck in there, it's physics."
James Peterson @sky14kemea Are they rolling out a new arsefuck for their users today? Joyous times!
James Peterson @Slyly_Mirabelle @MissTaxidermy I require the relevant metals to smelt 17 more Dwemer ingots.
James Peterson @FwugRadiation @TronKnotts Oh hi, Toby. What do you do?