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Jess @SpaceMidget75 @Homulillies @RWSPOSTAL @_RogueStar_ Yeah, I've got loads knocking about. ._.
Jess RT @UnBFOfficial: @Iribrise It's time we stop the menace of purse-spreading.
Jess I nominate @Totalbiscuit for a Shorty Award in #gamer because he is the greatest consumer advocate of all time!
Jess RT @oliverbcampbell: Remember, these are the same people that will INCESSANTLY tell you that you're oppressed, even when you're like "Actua…
Jess RT @Ncrdrg: I was curious about those 4 youtubers, and one of them had this. Should we blame you for actions of others @femfreq? http://t.c…
Jess RT @Sargon_of_Akkad: "I'm racist" - Anti-#GamerGate supporter openly declares that they judge others based on skin colour.…
Jess RT @CultOfVivian: Ghazelle breaks off a best-friendship because they did a #GamerGate stream ONCE. Tolerance! http:…
Jess @mybodyGG @Ash_Effect @mundanematt @Rinaxas @CultOfVivian @GwenLilyKnight @WilliamUsherGB Kramer involved in more impropriety. What a shock.
Jess @TheFartRises @masterninja "Finally, somebody to share my fudge with!"
Jess RT @randomfox: Anita cleverly ignoring the SCORES of female detractors who've criticized her #GamerGate #NotYourShield…
Jess @Homulillies @RWSPOSTAL @_RogueStar_ It's true we have infiltrated a particular box of CAH cards.
Jess @JennOfHardwire @vidgamejournal @GRIMACHU @milky_candy Yeah, I wasn't sure exactly what he was getting at there. The Guardian maybe? ;)
Jess @vidgamejournal @GRIMACHU @JennOfHardwire @milky_candy @AdamBaldwin Yeah, the internet's not the greatest for discussion.
Jess @SecuriTeegi @MooMongle >Entirely white Kek. Sure was gay and milk chocolate in there. :')
Jess RT @Mister_Greis: .@PsychokineticEX @BeninCitizen @cainejw White Knight is now a proper syndrome. We are its best validation.…
Jess @SecuriTeegi @MooMongle Oh you have to check my privilege for me because womyn are too stupid to check their own amirite?
Jess @MooMongle The Smash Bros got mad competitive. And @SecuriTeegi kept targeting me specifically! Misogynist.
Jess @Horseofcourseya @imgur Yes. In London.