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Shaun P @mattcolville He'll still have some tricks up his... hand... BUT HE'LL STILL LOSE!
Shaun P @mattcolville As a writer, I get the appeal of seeing a post-Vecna world, BUT, as a viewer, I NEED a good ending.
Shaun P I haven't felt stomach butterflies like this for a LONG time. Can't imagine what it's actually like for those playi…
Shaun P @drizzitdo2 He's in charge of yoga class.
Shaun P @TenacityXl It's a sequel, but usually, people expect something bad from a sequel of an old/cult film.
Shaun P @TenacityXl Ah, this tweet was made after the "Basement Boys" made their first livestream (as for your question, th…
Shaun P @drizzitdo2 Galm is in the hot sauce arena.
Shaun P @drizzitdo2 Yes. They're in the VIP area. The Very Important Penises area.
Shaun P @drizzitdo2 Yes, everything... well, mostly everyONE stays down there. Especially the Yotubers!
Shaun P I believe "Basement Boys" would make a good podcast name. *Wink* *Wink*, *Nudge* *Nudge*
Shaun P @ZeRoyalViking It all depends on the name. Personally, I like the "Backdoor Bois Broadcast" as the name.
Shaun P @Glooba2 Now I want to. Heard it was good from @ChilledChaos, Tom, Ze, and Galm's new Basement/Buttboi/DerpCast/<Insert name> podcast.
Shaun P HOT DAMN, the new Blade Runner 2049 has a lot of good reviews. Got to say, I didn't expect that.
Shaun P @ChilledChaos Pretty girl? No. Pretty, pretty Princess? YES. Yes indeed.
Shaun P It's just damn sad that others are using this crime for their own personal goals or even their own sick sense of entertainment.
Shaun P To the hard working emergency services and personnel in Las Vegas, keep up the good work. With over 500 injured, you're doing God's work.
Shaun P @ChilledChaosBot Yup, but I have no idea where to buy them over here. They don't really stock Halloween stuff in our supermarkets. :/
Shaun P @ChilledChaosBot I tend to link the unpopular candy. Like circus peanuts. But yeah, we need more of it. Halloween should be more popular.
Shaun P @TypicalCritc No. They fly diagonally.
Shaun P @TypicalCritc I... I would... if I had money.
Vault101 @Xero @nzherald DON'T LIE TO ME DAMMIT
Vault101 @joshgnosis he means religious freedoms
Vault101 @joshgnosis emphasizing "sweet blonde" makes it all the more worse
Vault101 @Obscurus_Lupa I'm not a fan b/c I find Klingon's unconvincing as a fictional culture
Vault101 @PhoenixUndone @KrangTNelson @phranqueigh "Blood Zero Sky". YA novel where that's taken to logical extreme, it's.....alright as a novel
Vault101 @thelindsayellis Maybe he's Jealous you've evolved as a content creator and he hasn't
Vault101 @mikalvision @yesthisisnana @thelindsayellis I've heard a lot of criticisms about CA but I always thought Lindsay and doug were on ok terms
Vault101 @thelindsayellis his movie "criticism" has always been kinda shallow
Vault101 @thelindsayellis "needlessly hostile"?....oh honey
Vault101 @SJWMEGATRON @the_moviebob I'd like to think so too but I have my doubts
Vault101 @ChuckWendig @tauriqmoosa onl th just started but it feels more natural, my ryder has a personality
Vault101 @JeremyMcLellan "main problem"? this articles composition is 99.7% "problem"
Vault101 @Victbarraz @thelindsayellis I would wager an antagonism on the part of the feminist YouTube is perceived by the angry man veiwer
Vault101 @joshgnosis I never noticed how much he looks like an egg
Vault101 @the_moviebob Thought you might appreciate this
Vault101 @sapphicgeek 90's was a weird time man...
Vault101 @MadelineAshby I used to think NIN's "year zero" was fun but quaint -_-
Vault101 @thelindsayellis @the_moviebob HA! you're actually as shitty as "I" am! that...that proves something right?...right?
Andrew W. M. Deavin @Naughtyusername @pcgamer Yeah, that was the joke. :P
Andrew W. M. Deavin @pcgamer Well, so are videogames, so, what would he know. (Has Warren Spector said anything relevant in even a decade?)
Andrew W. M. Deavin @JimSterling Oh man. Steam reviews are mostly negative. What a doozy. But hey, MKX was fixed within a month... or two... sort of...
Andrew W. M. Deavin @JimSterling But, hey. Is there a glitch that makes the first (tutorial!) boss fight almost entirely unplayable? The bar is set pretty low.
Andrew W. M. Deavin @JimSterling Would you say it's a... Knight-mare?
Andrew W. M. Deavin RT @notch: @Graham_LRR @James_LRR And it's hard to see from the end result if there was directing. They cut those bits out for the final re…
Andrew W. M. Deavin RT @notch: Kingsman is a good movie that you need to watch if you're into good movies. It contains editing, plot, lighting and acting. Oh a…
Andrew W. M. Deavin YouTube comments disabled? But I wanted to say that Arin sucks at videogames...