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sky mason @Ingrathis @Gennair That's peak consistency you got there.
sky mason Enjoying this UW list a lot. The 2nd negate main > the commit has been really good, but I still want the commit for…
sky mason RT @feingersh: good beats, they wanted it more
sky mason RT @Sene1: Congratulations to @jesstephan (and to her teammates Ryan Lewis-Jonns and Lachlan Saunders), first ever female GP champion!
sky mason @Ingrathis Pulling for you, but remember, putting added pressure on yourself will only lead to mistakes you would o…
sky mason @matthewfoulkes Gogogogogogo get it done.
sky mason @EsperNoah showing the world once again who is the grixis master! #GPSeattle
sky mason @Gennair Keep killing it.
sky mason RT @kirby_mtg: So I’ve been nervously planning a YouTube Series around #MTG with a little push from some people in my life I’ve decided to…
sky mason RT @mtgzen: Getting comments like this is super sweet! If you are yet to play the RPTQ and need some insights into the Rivals of Ixalan Sea…
sky mason RT @Dark_Hamill: #TransDayOfVisibility is a great opportunity to remind everyone that - trans women are women - trans men and nonbinary ppl…
sky mason RT @gwenckatz: A male author is insisting that he is living proof that it's possible for a male author to write an authentic female protago…
sky mason RT @Abydos1: Nice little puzzle I ran into today. See if you can find lethal.
sky mason RT @ManInTheHoody: Dear @NRA nut jobs... If I photoshop a meme of @dloesch about to burn the constitution and then it gets a ton of retwee…
sky mason RT @jfwong: Hello, I am Degenerate.
sky mason @matthewfoulkes Why do you have to hurt me like this Matt?
sky mason RT @TeamMGG: Hello Friends! Metagame Gurus is looking for a few people interested in becoming part of our Live Stream Coverage Team for "C…
Vault101 @Xero @nzherald DON'T LIE TO ME DAMMIT
Vault101 @joshgnosis he means religious freedoms
Vault101 @joshgnosis emphasizing "sweet blonde" makes it all the more worse
Vault101 @Obscurus_Lupa I'm not a fan b/c I find Klingon's unconvincing as a fictional culture
Vault101 @PhoenixUndone @KrangTNelson @phranqueigh "Blood Zero Sky". YA novel where that's taken to logical extreme, it's.....alright as a novel
Vault101 @thelindsayellis Maybe he's Jealous you've evolved as a content creator and he hasn't
Vault101 @mikalvision @yesthisisnana @thelindsayellis I've heard a lot of criticisms about CA but I always thought Lindsay and doug were on ok terms
Vault101 @thelindsayellis his movie "criticism" has always been kinda shallow
Marter RT @Jack09philj: @Martertweet By metascore it's behind GotG, Logan, Iron Man, Spiderman 2, TDKR, The Dark Knight, Superman, and Superman 2.…
Marter So is Jack Sparrow like 60 in PIRATES 5 or...?
Marter @NathanDWallace Oh yeah. Me, too. But I heard that on the radio like 4 times today and just wanted to yell at them.
Marter @NathanDWallace I don't know why those brackets are there. Ignore them. I am dumb.
Marter @NathanDWallace WW might (at present have the highest %) but % is ultimately the less important - even if it's more…
Marter @NathanDWallace Even LOGAN's average rating is higher.
Marter @NathanDWallace I'm not sure but I would guess THE DARK KNIGHT. Its % is lower by 1% but its average rating is higher by 1.1/10.
Marter "Wonder Woman is the best-reviewed superhero movie ever," says someone who doesn't know how Rotten Tomatoes works.
Marter @Zed_Piscine It's very possible.
Marter Okay now I'm actually going to sleep.
Marter #covfefe might be the greatest thing that has and will come from this presidency.
Marter The Smurfs but instead of using "smurf" to censor swears they use #covfefe.
Marter Going to bed now. Stay #covfefe, my friends.
Marter "Covfefe" was probably going to be "coverage." I like to think someone took the phone away mid-tweet.
Marter Also probably xXx 3, and maybe PITCH PERFECT.
Marter Is Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow Accent the Least Consistent Fake Accent Over Multiple Movies in Cinema History: A Thinkpiece
Marter Why do some bank tellers, of all the people in the world, also say "PIN number" and "ATM machine"?
Marter If critics had the power to make movies bomb, TRANSFORMERS wouldn't have even been a trilogy.
Marter I had managed to forget that there was a new TRANSFORMERS movie coming out soon.
Vault101 @thelindsayellis "needlessly hostile"?....oh honey
Vault101 @SJWMEGATRON @the_moviebob I'd like to think so too but I have my doubts